Top 10 Coastal Styling Hotlist by Melissa Pyell: Summer of 2020

Melissa Pyell In an exclusive feature for THE Stylemate, Melissa Pyell shares her Top 10 Coastal Styling Hotlist for Summer of 2020.

Hospitality Interior Designer and Trend Reporter, Melissa Pyell discovers coastal design anomalies throughout her travels, mixing undiscovered gems with the hottest new interior product releases on the market for an eclectic style. Living between California and the Mediterranean, Melissa Pyell has mastered the art of coastal decor.

Text by Melissa Pyell

by Pierre Augustin Rose

Paris design atelier and gallery Pierre Augustin Rose has recently introduced Eole Suspension, a sculptural pendant light featuring a curvaceous shade rendered in rough plaster. Named after Aeolus, the keeper of the winds in Greek mythology, the Eole Suspension lamp features an upturned reflector with a cloud-like form.

Eole Suspension by Pierre Augustin Rose - trend report by Melissa Pyell
Photo: Pierre Augustin Rose

It was conceived as a work of an artist of the 20th century, which still has traces of the fingers of the sculptor,

claimed Pierre Augustin Rose.

A slender stem that appears to pierce through the shade is used to fix the lamp to the ceiling, and can be specified to fit the height of the space in which it is being used. The Eole Suspension lamp was designed to complete the studio’s La Salle a Manger collection, which also comprises chairs and a table for the dining room.

by Carpenters Workshop Gallery

MCCT1 coffee table combines an oak wood mold and poured concrete. Part of French designer Martin Laforet’s first collection, ‘The Mould Objects’ was created with molds that were used as casts but also incorporated into the final piece. Laforet is inspired by artisan skills and the intelligence of the hand, captured by the interplay between the inverse mould and positive form.

MCCT1 coffee table by Carpenters Workshop Gallery - trend report by Melissa Pyell
Photo: Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery has locations in London, Paris, New York and San Francisco. Laforet is the youngest designer represented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery after they discovered him during his graduate show at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017.

Now living in the Netherlands, Laforet creates objects and furniture that search for a means of self-expression inspired by his interest in shapes and material combinations.

by Bastiaan Woudt

Drawing on a range of inspiration from the iconic photographs of Penn and Avedon to the paintings of Dutch masters, Netherlands-based Bastiaan Woudt uses movement, light, imperfection to create dynamic photographs.

Hikage by Basiaan Woudt - trend report by Melissa Pyell
Photo: Bastiaan Woudt

After starting photography from scratch a mere five years ago, with no experience or formal training, he has developed his own signature style – abstract yet sharp, with a strong focus on detail.

Hikage, a new work, is part of a current exhibition at Atlas Gallery in London until September 5th, 2020.

by L’aviva home

Piedra lighting collection takes its inspiration from the stone masks of the ancient civilization of Teotihuacán. Carved in the Mexican city of Tecali – which means ‘stone house’ in Nahuatl – the fixtures draw on the clean lines, defined angles, and streamlined silhouettes that epitomize the pre-Columbian stone masks.

Piedra Sconce by L'aviva home - trend report by Melissa Pyell
Photo: l’aviva home

Sculpted from carefully chosen marble or onyx, each piece reflects the unique character of the individual stone from which it is formed.

L’aviva home is a NYC-based design studio working hand-in-hand with artisan workshops around the world.

by Crosland + Emmons

The Bone Collection by Crosland + Emmons - trend report by Melissa Pyell
Photo: John Grover

In a world where everything leans toward precision and mass production, Crosland + Emmons creates lighting and objects that pay homage to the human touch. Imperfect, visually off-balance, and bespoke each piece is intentionally void of color. Each light, handmade by the artist, is an original – no two lights will ever be the same.

The Bone Collection, shown here, is handmade from earthenware, brass and oil rubbed bronze.

by Collector Group

Hygge Collection makes a summer debut, designed by Beirut-based Saccal Design House for Collector Group in Portugal.

Hygge Armchair by Collector Group - trend report by Melissa Pyell
Photo: Collector Group

Hygge Collection is inspired by contemporary architecture of Portugal with a reflection of its Romanesque past, honoring antique geometries such as the arch and the column.

The collection features and armchair, lounge chair, dining chair and stool. Shown here in travertine legs and Pierre Frey fabric, the chair is available in wood legs and a variety of fabrics.


French architect and designer Martin Massé has designed Orsetto 02 Coffee Table, a rounded stone coffee table for the New York and Miami gallery of STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN. Part of his Orsetto collection for the gallery, The Orsetto 02 coffee table sits low to the ground – at only 35 centimetres high it comes up to the shins of a standing adult. Shown here in Pietra di Medici Marble, custom sizing and finishes are available.

 Orsetto 02 Coffee Table by STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN - trend report by Melissa Pyell

The Orsetto 02 is formed of a wide, rounded mushroom-style tabletop supported by a ring of stubby legs. Orsetto means baby bear or teddy in Italian, and the pieces of furniture all have a cute, chubby appearance despite being made of unyielding stone. The Orsetto 02 was fabricated by stonemasons in France’s Chevreuse valley.

by Artilleriet Store

With its unique design and unrivaled comfort, the Etcetera series has conquered the design world ever since the 70s when it was originally designed by Jan Ekselius it. In a unique partnership this year, Artilleriet and Ekselius have resumed production of the Swedish design classic to ensure its continued presence in homes around the world.

Etcetera Lounge Chair by Artilleriet Store
Photo: Artilleriet

The knowledge and experience from the original production process has been applied in the resumed production. Etcetera is a testimony of craftsmanship, love for design and the highest level of skilled manufacturing.

by Alentes Design Studio

Alentes sculptural objects are hand-crafted in Greece, mixing aggregate of marble, stone and cement. With a team of architects, industrial designers and sculptors, Alentes design studio and workshop pairs traditional craftsmanship with high-end finishing standards.

Aletes Sculptural Object by Alente
Photo: Alentes

Alentes indoor/outdoor objects are mixed and poured by hand, then sealed with a specialized highly protective coating, which makes the surface non-absorbent and spill resistant.

Shown here, Mushroom Solid sculptural accent tables are available in white or black.


Named after the French astronomer Charles Messier and masterfully crafted in Italy with Calacata Borghini marble, Messier evokes the biggest mystery in the history of our universe. Creators and destroyers of our cosmos, black holes reverse everything we know about the sky above us.

Messier Scone by Etamprh

Messier is both a lighting fixture and a sculpture. When the lamp is lit up, the light is softly released through the white surface, while the veins of the stone become dark, evoking chaos and mystery beyond the event horizon. When the lamp is off, Messier becomes a sculpture and displays the vivid colors and complexity of an extraordinary stone.

ETAMORPH is a New York City-based design and fabrication company, specialising in custom furniture, lighting and sculptural elements, working side by side with state-of-the-art Italian manufactures.

American Interior Designer & Stylist educated in Italy, Melissa Pyell designs Luxury Hospitality and Residential Interiors worldwide. Beyond an award-winning Interior Designer, Melissa Pyell is a Trend Reporter, Design Judge and Contributing Professor.