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In the current fall/winter issue of THE Stylemate magazine, everything revolves around the theme of “Nagomi”. If it gets more restless in the world around us, we look for harmony and balance in the small, inside. It is the balance we need so that our own world does not get out of joint. In Japan, this is called “Nagomi” and stands for a holistic life concept of harmony and balance.

Cover story – Success is not a prerequisite for happiness

Japanese neuroscientist Ken Mogi, whom we also met for an interview for this issue, explains how to live a balanced life with Nagomi. Balance means that not everything is always beautiful, but on the contrary: balance always includes both poles of an emotion or state. Happiness in life also includes unhappiness, love includes loss, pleasure includes work, and altruism includes self-interest. Joy of life or, even more strongly, happiness in life arises when one manages to accept all parts of life and to bring them into balance with each other.

Lifestylehotels™ The Book, 18th Edition

Lifestylehotels™ The Book, 18th Edition takes you to places where they are allowed to flourish. Discover not only new places, but also discover yourself. The world Lifestylehotels wants to take you to is a world of allowing and mindfulness.

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