THE Stylemate, Issue 03|2021: into the future

THE Stylemate, Issue 03|2021– into the future
Publication date: end of October 2021

The future?
What’s that?

Our future seems more uncertain than ever, and even harder to predict. The small-scale way to look at it is in terms of what the winter will bring for tourism, while the broader question is a matter of considering the climate crisis. That’s why we’ve made the future the topic of this issue of THE Stylemate.

We were inspired by the motto of the EXPO in Dubai, which is taking place this year after a 12-month delay. That’s another defining feature of our time: 2021 is the year of 2020 events. Since the pandemic, time seems to have been ticking by differently. But back to the motto of the EXPO: Connecting minds, creating the future.

We spoke about it with querkraft architects, who have designed the Austrian pavilion, and in doing so connected minds between Austria and the United Arab Emirates in order to sustainably construct a building with an intelligent system. But in Dubai, we’re not just interested in architectural concepts but also in art, so we paid a visit to the Carbon 12 gallery.

Carbon 12 Gallery
Monika Grabuschnigg - Razed in Isolation
Carbon 12 Gallery
Monika Grabuschnigg – Razed in Isolation

On the cover, we’ve got a look by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen, whose futuristic creations are made from unusual materials using innovative manufacturing processes. From rapid prototyping to 3D printing, she applies an innovative and always experimental approach, and in doing so aims at creating a disruptive impact. We’ve put together eight reasons why she is leading fashion into the future.

But it’s not just in fashion design that you’ll discover the future – industrial design is also making use of new materials and special manufacturing techniques to sustainably shape the future.

Dutch Research and Design Studio “The New Raw”
Photo: Courtesy of The New Raw, Michele Margot

We’ve taken a brief look at a possible future and are therefore able to say with certainty: there are still people who believe in the future.

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into the future
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