THE Stylemate, Issue 02|2022: Slow Down

THE Stylemate, Issue 02|2022: Slow Down

Take it slow.

Summer has arrived and the sun is warm. Everything appears to be somewhat slower and we’re allowed to let go, perhaps even embrace the slowness entirely. After a period of being driven by the busy times in between coronavirus variants, when we almost celebrated the exhausting of everything day and night had to offer, there’s now dawdling, inertia and perhaps even a rut to explore. It does us good, and allows us to internalise new things, because conscious slowing down should never be equated to inactivity.

For us, it means taking a walk with photographer Susan Kaufman through “her” New York – or maybe it’s more like strolling, wandering and looking around. With Susan, we experience the slow side to the city that never sleeps, because it does actually exist. Places where the heart stops racing and you can breathe more deeply and stimulate your mind.

We were also inspired by the conversation with passionate and successful hotel entrepreneur Rocco Bova, who captivated us with his unexpected ideas and his own project “My Humble House”.

A moment to unwind can be found in the Milanese town house belonging to architect Tiziano Vudafieri and fashion manager Catherine Vautrin, where they have created an eclectic equilibrium of design and art in a former glass factory.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled – the Lifestylehotels Selection in this issue contains a hot tip for discovering slowness that you won’t want to miss.

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Issue 02 | 2022: Slow Down

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