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The LaLa The LaLa

The power sisters Cecilia Havmöller and Susanna Paller show with their grab & go food concept “The LaLa” that vegan dishes can be prepared incredibly tasty and definitely have more in them than you think. All under the motto “Healthy, vegan food that everyone can enjoy” – vegan heaven on earth and happy L.A. Feeling for the Food-Scene in Vienna.

Susanna Pallerb & Cecilia Havmöller

Foodtastic foodtrends – the LaLa know´s best

L.A. – The city of angels in the middle of the seventh district. With The Lala at Neustiftgasse 23, the vegan food dream came to Vienna. The sister duo Cecilia and Susanna knows no limits and conquers the second The LaLa branch at Neubaugasse 1, also in the seventh district in the midst of the Corona crisis. The focus is on takeaway for healthy snacks. The founders and the team of The LaLa never miss a vegan trend in the food sector. Superfoods, bowls, sandwiches and pseudograins are The LaLa’s keywords for a trendy vegan meal and exceptionally good taste. Very, very tasty plants for everyone.

Supergood The super superfoods

Pomegranate, red cabbage or walnuts – these are ingredients for a delicious salad that bears the name “The Kale-ifornia” and contains pretty much all the important superfoods. The LaLa places great importance to optimal combinations, balanced ingredients and pure flavor explosion. With kale, red cabbage, carrots, pomegranates, walnuts and a tasty dressing made from tahini, a superlative taste experience is guaranteed.

The pseudocereal belong to the food category “fudge”. This means nothing more than that these ingredients, which include quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat, can be processed in exactly the same way as “real” grains. The Shop offers an entire category on their menu called “Fresh Roundies”, which features bowls with quinoa as the base.

Snackifaction – you look like a snack

The snack defines itself as a small but fine bite for in between. Here, sandwiches immediately come to mind – because what would The LaLa be without super-good sandwiches. These are a tasty food trend in 2021 and available on The LaLa’s menu. “The Bunny” is the perfect mix for snacks and sandwich lovers. Rye bread with carrot coconut spread, pomegranate and enough microgreens. Purely vegan ingredients, of course, combined to create an exceptional in-between meal.

The LaLa Wien

Bowlicious the Bowl, where dreams come true

Bowls can never be missed and are also an integral part of the innovative menu. Whether sweet or salty, a vegan bowl is a classic for everyone. This quickly you become a vegan breakfast lover: The restaurant offers a wide selection of breakfast highlights. The sweet bowl “The Goldie” is particularly popular. The name says it all: porridge with chia seeds, berries, banana, coconut flakes and maple syrup create a delightful gold moment. With many other energetic superfood bowls, they offer the perfect start to the day.

The LaLa Wien

About “The LaLa”

Very, very tasty plants for EVERYONE: “The LaLa” stands for healthy, vegan food that tastes amazing. The visionaries Cecilia Havmöller and Susanna Paller get the inspiration for “The LaLa” directly from their place of desire Los Angeles: With their vegan restaurant they bring a piece of Californian joie de vivre to Vienna. Since May 2019, the power sisters have been giving Vienna Neubau a vegan-urban lifestyle and good-and-happy-life feeling from L.A.. For all those who have a desire for delicious drinks, food and desserts, without a guilty conscience, the restaurant is exactly the right place to go. All products are made exclusively with natural ingredients, which are 100% vegan and sugar-free.

In addition to delicious ingredients, sustainability plays a big role: only plastic-free containers, as well as cups and bottles made of corn starch are used. Even gourmets with intolerances can enjoy the delicacies without hesitation: They produces sustainably healthy food that tastes good and EVERYONE can eat. To immerse yourself in the “Viennese L.A.” feeling and to fill up on joie de vivre, a visit to one of the “The LaLa” branches is worthwhile: Neustiftgasse 23, 1070 Vienna | Neubaugasse 1, 1070 Vienna

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The LaLa

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