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VINOBLE COSMETICS is a leading manufacturer of high-quality natural cosmetics based in Austria. The company was founded in 2007 by Luise Köfer and has since become known as an innovative and prestigious provider of natural cosmetics products. VINOBLE COSMETICS is known for using natural and highly effective ingredients such as grape seed oil and advocates for cosmetics to be made without harmful chemicals. The goal of VINOBLE COSMETICS is to promote natural beauty and achieve happy, radiant skin.


The Active Set from VINOBLE COSMETICS is an exclusive set that contains four different products to nourish and protect the skin. The set includes a moisture fluid that intensely hydrates the skin and gives it a radiant appearance. The anti-aging sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays while supporting its regeneration. The eye gel is specially developed for the delicate skin around the eyes and helps to reduce fine lines and puffiness. The set is rounded out by an anti-stress pillow that can be heated or cooled as needed to soothe the senses and reduce stress. The Active Set from VINOBLE COSMETICS is a holistic solution for happy and radiant skin.

With the Active Set, you can create the perfect skincare routine that fits your active lifestyle. The products are suitable for all skin types and offer optimal support for all lifestyle activities.

Sustainable production all along the line

VINOBLE COSMETICS is not only known for highly effective natural cosmetics but also for its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The company advocates for all of its products to be manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and avoids the use of chemicals that could harm the environment during production. In addition, VINOBLE COSMETICS uses recyclable packaging and carefully selects its suppliers based on fair working conditions and environmental standards.

The company also supports the local economy by sourcing ingredients from Austrian farmers and producers. VINOBLE COSMETICS prides itself on being an environmentally conscious and sustainable brand and is continuously committed to achieving its sustainability goals.

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