ORCIANI: “Made with love, crafted with soul, in the heart of Italy.”

A tribute to the Italian aesthetic

Perfectly shaped lines and high-quality leather make the designs of Orciani so desirable.a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern accents. Handbags and leather accessories made with heart and soul form the core assortment of the Italian Accessible Luxury label.

How necessity became a virtue

Anno 1979, Claudio Orciani was just 23 years young and desperately looking for a fashionable belt, when he decided without further ado to make one for himself. A boutique owner friend of his immediately took a liking to his own creation and ordered more copies for sale in her fashion store. The eponymous Orciani label was born. What had its origins in a manageable family business quickly developed into a premium brand with an international reputation, loved worldwide for exclusive handbags and leather accessories.

Italiano vero

For four decades, Orciani has stood for virtuoso craftsmanship and the processing of high-quality leather materials. Quality that can be felt: particularly soft haptics and cuddly silhouettes meet stable shapes and puristic Chic. A perfect interplay of timeless elegance and refined details creates masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship, full of passion and pure energy. What emerges are treasures of the finest craftsmanship with Made-in-Italy predicate.

Brand Heritage

Inspired by impulses from art and rock music, Orciani succeeds in creating unprecedented aesthetic creations, modern and trendy, without losing – for the label’s characteristic features of timeless elegance and true love for leather processing. Thanks to a very clearly defined brand identity, Orciani masterfully manages to bring the past and the future together and to enrich tradition with innovation, without betraying its very own identity and brand DNA. In the maelstrom of dynamic development, progressive expansion and growing online trade, Orciani remains true to its values: integrity, authenticity and sustainable production in the heart of Italy. For the label, economic activity always implies responsibility towards its employees and the environment. The switch to renewable energies and an innovative “ECO-Logic” collection of sustainably produced accessories are just the beginning.

Product Ranges

The focus of the men’s collections are timeless classic belts, men’s bags and leather accessories. Luxurious and at the same time practical companions in everyday life as well as highlights for perfect looks.

Orciani designs for strong, changeable and independent women. The Orciani wearer appreciates the exquisite quality and handmade products of the Labels, has an eye for special details and a fine sense of fashion without chasing every trend.

Discover the versatile range of Orciani on https://www.orciani.com.