MONO Teapot // Advent Calender, Day 6

For day 6 of the Advent calendar, there’s something for the cold days! We are giving away a MONO Filio teapot. Have fun taking part!

06th December – PLAY NOW & WIN!

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MONO Filio

The Mono Filio teapot is characterized by maximum reduction. The simple silhouette and the floating glass flask are reminiscent of Bauhaus cantilever chairs. With Mono Filio, Tassilo von Grolman has further developed his Mono Classic teapot. The idea of making the strainer almost as large as the teapot was simply ingenious in order to give the tea leaves more space to develop their aroma. The strainer is made of sturdy, tasteless, stainless steel mesh, while the pot is made of fireproof borosilicate glass. The specific geometry of the glass hemisphere ensures that every last bit of liquid remains in the jug with the tea crumbs it contains. All parts are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

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