LOOOPS candle manufacturer: mountain air

Looops candle manufacturer

For anyone that just can’t get enough mountain air, we recommend the natural, sustainable and regional products from Salzburg LOOOPS candle manufacturer.

Imagine standing at the top of a mountain. You deeply breathe in the fresh air and you feel the power of the vast landscape in front of you. You feel things getting small, incidental, put into perspective. Let yourself be seduced by the fragrance of the Bergluft candle into airy heights and feel the freedom of the mountains and the power of the Swiss Stone pine, which gives you perseverance and serenity.

The idea of the founder to harness the fragrances of her local area brings us scents of mountain air, meadow flowers and mountain streams.

The candles are made using natural essential oils and a healthy dose of craftsmanship, and the wax is obtained from plants that grow back quickly so as to protect the environment.

That also means that Looops candles burn for longer and with less soot than candles made out of mineral oil-based wax. Rather than using ready-made fragrance combinations, founder Julia preferred to immerse herself in the world of scents and completed a course in aromatherapy.

Looops candle manufacturer

The gentle extraction of essential oils from herbs, flowers and fruit blends with the plentiful inspiration to be found in the spectacular natural surroundings of the Salzkammergut region.

LOOOPS candle manufacturer: scent candle “Bergluft

Scent: Forest Fresh
Real fragrance from 100% natural, essential oils: Swiss stone pine, juniper wood, lemon
Aromatherapy Effect: Strengthening-balancing

Consists of: vegetable wax and pure natural essential oils made from herbs, flowers, fruits and needles
No, not at all: Mineral oil products such as paraffin, palm wax, artificial colorants, synthetic and nature-identical fragrances

Burn time: Up to 65 hours
Optimal burning time: approx. 1-3 hours each
Filling: Approx. 350ml
Size of the Candle: Approx. 8, 5cm diameter, approx. 10, 5cm height
candle glass: handcrafted, colour may vary

Naturally contains: limes

looopskerzen.at, approx. € 30
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