LARS NYSØM Thermos flask & coffee cup // Advent Calender, Day 18

Here’s something to combat the winter cold again today! The stylish thermos flask and coffee mug from LARS NYSØM not only keep you warm, they also look great. Good luck taking part!

18th December – PLAY & WIN NOW!

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Coffee cup TO GO

Design in motion with the Bevægelse coffee mugs. They are the minimalist design to-go. Clean and smooth lines provide visual balance and a firm grip on the go.

Thermos flask

With its sleek contours and clear lines, the Sindsro thermos jug embodies the principles of minimalist design. Its uncluttered appearance seamlessly enhances your coffee or tea rituals and invites you to enjoy relaxed moments of pleasure.


In a world often characterized by complexity and clutter, LARS NYSØM is a beacon for simplicity. The brand’s philosophy is based on the belief that less means MORE – less clutter, more serenity; less noise, more mindfulness; less complication, more beauty. LARS NYSØM products are thoughtfully designed by creating space for what really matters.

LARS NYSØM products are not just functional; they are design objects. The brand believes that true aesthetics can be found in simplicity. Whether it’s the clean lines of a minimalist piece or the soothing colors of nature-inspired designs, LARS NYSØM invites you to appreciate the aesthetics in everyday life.

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