La Katz: silken luxury

La Katz

New label La Katz creates classic and timeless silk items, which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear. For label founder Laura Sänger, beauty and quality need to work hand in hand, and so she insisted on local production.

Text: Nina Prehofer

A silky luxury version of the classic trench coat

La Katz hand-made silk coats are versatile:

  • Wearable as a silk dress or with your favorite jeans
  • Made from 100% organic silk
  • Dyed in Vienna
  • Handcrafted in Germany
  • Manufactured exclusively in limited quantities
La Katz

From the thread to the packaging, every material used comes from Germany or Austria.

Toxic substances are avoided at all costs in the processing of the Indian silk they use – it actually carries the strictest international certification, GOTS, which guarantees organic materials and fair working conditions, as well as having another distinctive feature: instead of boiling the silkworms, they are gradually freed from the silk cocoons, meaning the metamorphosis of the silkworm into a butterfly is made possible.

We believe in timeless elegance and beautiful clothing that lasts.

Laura Sänger

€ 740, La Katz online >>