Katharina Reuschel – Summer Collection 2023 – Deeds, not Words.

Katharina Reuschel

Under the motto “Deeds, not Words” coined by Emmeline Pankhurst, Viennese couture designer Katharina Reuschel presents her first Made-to-Measure collection in summer 2023. With the series consisting purely of natural organic fabrics, the founder of the eponymous Atelier Reuschel is making a conscious statement against mass production and at the same time presenting an ode to the versatility of the modern woman.

In spring/summer 2023, Katharina Reuschel lets actions speak and demonstrates with her first collection ready to order, “Deeds, not Words”, how elegant and fashionable ethically correct production in the fashion and textile industry can be. With this capsule, the couture designer aims to create long-lasting, high-quality garments that are specially tailored and adapt to everyday needs with sophisticated details.

The women’s collection, which mainly consists of dresses, is not only visually dressy and comfortable to wear thanks to selected fabrics, but is above all under the sign of practicality. Each piece in the collection is designed to support the wearer’s individual body shape and active lifestyle. Each piece in the collection is meant to be as unique as the woman herself and can be customised in colour, size and lace design.

My dresses are meant to be simple but savvy all-rounders that accompany the woman who wears them as long-lasting favourite pieces across fashion trends. The models adapt to her life and not the other way round. Large, partly hidden pockets or cuts that conceal underlying straps and move with the silhouette are examples of this. The dresses should fit for work, leisure, day and night and give a comfortable feeling when worn.

Katharina Reuschel

Only organic materials are used for the series, such as Austrian linen, silk from Milan or organic cotton from Greece, which is grown in fields without monoculture. The cotton is dyed in Portugal using a certified, particularly environmentally friendly dyeing process, which saves up to 40% of the water consumption. The processed lace is, as is customary for Katharina Reuschel, specially designed and processed in her Vienna studio.

It is important to me to incorporate the aspect of sustainability holistically into my collections and to let these mindful values flow into every step of production. By personalising the models, I offer every lady the opportunity to receive her individual, high-quality and, above all, sustainable garment.

Katharina Reuschel

The image campaign for the spring/summer 2023 collection was realized with photographer Elisabeth Gatterburg. Katja Pulmann is responsible for hair styling and make-up. All collection pieces range from 640€ to 1930€ and are available on request.