JESUS CRIESMAM Vienna, Fashion and actionism

Max Weißenböck from MAM Vienna hangs himself on a cross on Vienna’s Stephansplatz for 24 hours. That sounds provocative? It is!

The activist, designer, and influencer Max Weißenböck, with his label MAM Vienna, is once again causing a stir in the local fashion scene. On Friday, October 13th, at 6:06 am, pre-orders for his new collection JESUS CRIES will commence on This collection is inspired by the Christian interplay of good and evil, questioning the relevance of conservative church values in today’s era and on social media.

Simultaneously with the collection launch, the activist will have himself tied to a 3-meter-high cross at Vienna’s Stephansplatz on Friday the 13th at 2:00 pm, braving the elements and any bodily needs for 24 hours. The aim of this action is to jolt people out of their everyday routines, encouraging them to challenge their former selves and to rise anew. Through this act, he wishes to stimulate reflection and inspire people to harness their innate potential, rather than blindly following the masses.

Net proceeds from the JESUS CRIES collection will be donated, with 50% going to the Youth Red Cross, supporting the individual strengths of young people. Following the pre-drop, the collection will be available for purchase on the MAM Vienna online store.

Founded in 2019, the label stands for high-quality craftsmanship and sustainable production. MAM Vienna’s mission is to create street-style fashion that can stand on its own due to its often sociopolitical message and artistic touch. To further his love for top-quality products, Weißenböck places a particular emphasis on the manufacturing process and fabric selection.

That’s why MAM produces its items in Portugal, known for its outstanding quality. Notably, production occurs in the same houses as brands like Balenciaga, Jaquemus, and Balmain. Nevertheless, his products remain affordable. For instance, a hoodie is priced at 167€, and a T-shirt goes for 107€. All items are unisex and available in limited editions, which typically sell out within days, ensuring, in the spirit of sustainability, that no excess stock remains.

Not only are his collections selling incredibly well at the moment, but as an influencer on Instagram, he’s also gaining significant traction, reaching several million accounts daily, primarily of his German-speaking audience. Max Weißenböck first became known through his YouTube channel MaxaMillion, which currently boasts over 187K followers.