IGuzzini: BeTwo – design by Alfonso Femia


Iguzzini once again proves with BeTwo that a lamp is much more than just a lamp.

BeTwo is a compact pendant and surface luminaire. It is an eclectic lighting fixture that can be used to create a variety of creative compositions by placing several elements side by side, accentuating its essential nature. BeTwo’s decorative appeal is also multiplied by the ring on the central diameter that joins two identical cylindrical components.

Alfonso Femia has skilfully reimagined a classic product to create a minimalist suspended light fixture. His design includes two cylindrical elements that can be combined in either a single or dual-tone version. The main idea behind BeTwo was to create a light fixture that combines different shapes and styles to make it adaptable to any setting. It is designed to cater to an interior design trend that emphasises more fluid spaces with less defined functions. 

The visual inspiration for the concept comes from Newton’s Pendulum, a mind-bending game that exploits the law of physics to create a rhythmic movement by suspending a set of metal balls from a small structure. Femia envisions BeTwo as a sophisticated and relaxing composition that mimics this concept.

The iGuzzini optics set this object apart from its typical counterparts. The light emission is inspired by the technical and professional design of Opti Diamond technology, which provides flawless, glare-free, and soft light for visual comfort and well-being.

The Opti Diamond optics were developed entirely in-house by iGuzzini. Its efficiency is maximised by prismatic lenses positioned on the curved surface of the thermoplastic reflector. This technology, known as catadioptric, is commonly employed in telescopes and navigation lights. Opti Diamond is, therefore, the result of intelligent and complex miniaturisation work that brings the best and most advanced lighting performance to everyday use.


Photocredits: Paolo Carlini