Ibiza Collection

Easy, Modern & Bohemian.

Ibiza, the new outdoor furniture collection, brings the flair of eternal dreamy Summer days to your home.

The mystical island of Ibiza has been the perfect escape for artists, creatives, and musicians for decades. It is a place to reinvent and indulge yourself, to navigate between peaceful moments by the pool and lively soirees with friends.

Ibiza Collection celebrates the island’s aesthetic, energy and lifestyle which defines its signature style. Hommes Studio’s new outdoor designs radiate luxury and sophistication, emphasizing indoor-outdoor living and natural materials with rich moments of color.

Ibiza is an endless party, celebrating outdoor living and an infinite connection with the wild spirit.


Inspired by rocky coastlines, salty air, and organic textures, the new outdoor collection evokes the idyllic beauty and elegance of the seaside lifestyle.

A lush layering of textured materials and organic shapes complements the minimalist aesthetic of the new outdoor products.

Statement daybeds, printed parasol bases, and pool-ready accessories add a playful vibrancy to the outdoor area. Carefully crafted with high-quality materials and tailored to provide both comfort and style.

Sandy whites and earthy neutrals color palette contrast against the red terra-cotta homes, deep blue sea, and dry green landscape, offering a modern color composition with a summer flair.



Lisola Sofa Khaki & White

Lisola Sofa Khaki & White is a modern outdoor seating piece. A unique outdoor sofa created by the most refined design with delicate details makes it an authentic modern design piece for a contemporary outdoor area. The Lisola Sofa Khaki & White has the comfort of indoor furniture but is designed with outdoor materials. At least it will make anyone want to come back to see it once again.

Lisola Armchair Khaki & White

Lisola Armchair Khaki & White is a modern outdoor seating piece. A unique outdoor chair created by the most refined design with delicate details makes it an authentic modern design piece for an outdoor area. The Lisola Armchair Khaki & White has the comfort of indoor furniture but is designed with outdoor materials. Paired the Lisola Armchair Khaki & White with Lisola Sofa will elevate your outdoor living area


Bonnie Armchair Silver Stripesis a statement seating design that perfectly fits any contemporary interior design project. The luxurious combination of shapes and materials makes it an outstanding futuristic chair. This exceptional modern outdoor armchair with a such strong character perfectly fits any outdoor project. Bonnie Armchair Silver Stripes is part of a wicked love story. Ain’t no Bonnie Armchair Silver Stripes without a Clyde Center Table.


Foil Sofa Malibu Sand is a luxury outdoor sofa. With Italian design charm, the folding lounger is a modern complement beautifully crafted for outdoor living areas with flawless taste. Multifunctional and comfortable, candid tones of Mediterranean beach infuse the atmosphere with classic aesthetics and open-air emotions.


Billie Center Table Natural is a modern outdoor center table with a minimal and soft texture. A curved and sculptural silhouette makes Billie the perfect piece for a bohemian or modern outdoor living area. The elegant design of the Billie Center Table makes this the perfect item to suit any outdoor or indoor area style.


Billie Center Table Fior di Bosco is a marble coffee table with a lush pattern. Striking attitude and sculptural silhouette make Billie the perfect fit for a modern outdoor living area. This outdoor center table elevates your exterior living area and hosts summer gatherings. 


Fifih Side Tables Arabscato 10 is a modern style set of ten side tables in Arabscato marble. Entirely crafted of stone, this outdoor side table set flaunts a clean and sleek design, merging harmonious geometry and pure materials. This superb set of ten side tables in travertine features different heights, which allows multiple variations and combinations. Fifih Side Tables Travertine Set 10 is an essential furniture in every outdoor design project.

The tables can also be purchased separately. Please contact for details.


Lunarys Center Table Natural is an outstanding modern design piece. The outdoor center table’s voluptuous anatomy and soft texture are perfect for indoor or outdoor projects. Lunarys Center Table Natural, defined by clean lines for a timeless allure, is another addition to our iconic Lunarys Family Collection.

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