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Hotel Stein, Text: Nina Prehofer

If art is the beautifully baked cake of Salzburg, then cuisine is the cherry on top. The perfect combination of the two awaits us at the exclusive boutique hotel Stein, where we treat ourselves to a private picnic on the spectacular roof terrace.

Hotel Stein

The city of Salzburg is inextricably linked with the arts. It’s art in its various forms of expression that makes this city especially fascinating, and a place where there’s always something to admire. It’s this gift that art has for transformation that we see in the boutique hotel Stein.

Art plays a very special role in this hotel. But you’ll only be wondering what that role is if you didn’t already know that the family that owns the hotel also runs a traditional glass manufacturing company based in Venice. They have designed their own glass masterpieces from Barovier & Toso for the hotel in the form of lights and chandeliers that create a refined interplay with the fabrics from Venetian textiles company Rubelli and turn the building into a work of art in itself.

The meeting of the festival city of Salzburg with the lagoon city of Venice is evident right from the entrance, and the unique atmosphere accompanies us not only to our room and the spa, but also right up onto the roof.

From art to cuisine

We can tick off “art” on our list of must-sees not long after we arrive at the Stein, so it’s soon time to deal with that cherry – and for that, we head way up to the seventh floor. Here, we access the unparalleled rooftop terrace and bar, which has very rapidly achieved iconic status. It’s listed as one of the best spots in Salzburg, and transforms from a popular breakfast club and a meeting place for friends into the perfect location for a chilled sundowner – always fun, always an experience.

Just as fun is the next item on our schedule: we decide to have an unforgettable picnic with a view in the hotel’s small, private rooftop lounge. It’s reserved strictly for guests only and can be quickly and easily booked from our room. In the basket, we find our choice of a bottle of Côtes de Provence rosé from Miraval, a bottle of Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne or – even more exclusive – a bottle of Louis Roederer Vintage Rosé Brut: to drink a toast even without an occasion, simply because we’ve been taken in by the view.

Hotel Stein

Fine dining finger food

The other treats in the picnic basket have also been carefully selected and compiled, with the classic ham sandwich up against a decadent smoked trout sandwich, and a small chocolate ring cake competing for attention with a fresh green smoothie. We enjoy every bite and sip, washed down with a glass of infused water and nibbling on a side of crunchy crudités dipped in houmous. It’s pure delight, especially with a view that we won’t forget in a hurry. Salzburg is always worth a visit – even if it’s just for a stopover at the Hotel Stein.

Hotel Stein