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Hotel Sepp, Maria Alm, Austria Hotel Sepp, Maria Alm Austria

Hotel SEPP, Text by Nina Prehofer

There are hotels. And then there are hotels that coin their very own adjective. ExSEPPtional stands for the unusual – exceptional – lifestyle and Hotel SEPP.

Arrive, take a deep breath and enjoy the view. Maria Alm lies in the Hochkönig mountains, and the beauty of nature simply overwhelms the senses. Never has the alpine countryside been more inviting: this is the perfect place for hiking, mountain biking, golfing, skiing and above all simply “looking”. The Alpine Boutique Hotel SEPP is the ideal base camp for that purpose. Completed in 2018, the hotel consists of one timber and one glass building – two material worlds that complement each other perfectly.

Hotel Sepp, Maria Alm, Austria

Head into the SEPP and it almost feels like you’ve strayed through a side entrance. Nothing ostentatious, and everything to make you relax. But enter the lift designed like a cable car and emerge at the reception desk, and your breath will be taken away.

Don´t panic

Wherever you look is clever design with wonderful, elegant details. And it is those very details that define the hotel. The classic Airstream, extending over the rooftop with a sauna fitted especially for the hotel and the words “Don’t panic” visible from below, is now a hallmark of the hotel. Then there are the Hutschn swings, the Meindl Lounge with lederhosen leather from the traditional costume supplier, and the traditional wooden shingles and old beams that create a link between tradition and modernity.

Quality of life

The lifestyle hotel is a special place for special encounters, excellent quality of life, genuine happiness and countless moments of enjoyment and well-being.

To us, lifestyle is a very special attitude to life. Our hotel guests celebrate life ‘together in the thick of it’ in a stylish and relaxed ambiance and unconventional feel-good atmosphere. At the same time, the hotel has enough space and special spots for our guests to retreat on their own,

explains the proprietor.

As for the staff’s look, it is immediately appealing. Red Converse shoes with jeans and a white top. Why the choice of the good old chucks? Because for Sepp, they are the epitome of casual. “Converse is not a shoe brand, it is an attitude.” It means always being a little different, in other words cherishing individuality.

The rooms also offer scope for individuality. Do you want it “Cosy” or “Roomy”? If you have trouble sleeping without your bike, you can choose the “Sporty” bedroom with all its space for equipment. Then there is the “Woody” room, and all those who want to celebrate life with charming extravagance can rest and relax in “Luxury” with its free-standing bath and panoramic mountain views. In case you’re wondering, you won’t find any children or young people here: the SEPP is a hotel for adults over the age of 21.

Hotel SEPP

For an unforgettable moment of happiness, drink in the view from the rooftop – from the Airstream sauna, the infinity pool, one of the Hutschn swings or, with a glass in your hand, from the sun terrace – of the breathtaking backdrop of the Steinernes Meer. Summer or winter, you will be back.

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