Gregor Pirouzi: Digital Revolution of (Ski) Fashion: Galaxies And Creatives

Gregor Pirouzi

Inspired by the digital revolution and in response to an increasing scarcity of resources, Austrian designer and entrepreneur Gregor Pirouzi has developed a new creative concept based on the fair share principle for the textile industry that breaks with linear systems and establishes fair partnerships between the creative industry and its producers.

To this end, the Tyrolean-born designer is working with renowned national and international fashion designers such as Wendy Jim, Arthur Arbesser, Schella Kann, Pam Hogg, Klaus Mühlbauer and Roshi Porkar, who, together with the local fashion school Herbststraße, have developed high-quality, innovative custom-made ski clothing that is produced sustainably and will be offered for sale on the new e-commerce platform Galaxies And Creatives in the future. The unique business model offers an innovative approach to solving several fundamental issues at the same time, which is intended to support the industry in breaking new ground.

Creative synergies

Masterminds meet students Using inspiration and designs that are functionally developed further by fashion students, masterminds such as Wendy Jim, Pam Hogg, Klaus Mühlbauer, Schella Kann or Arthur Arbesser provide the basis for the designs. The vision of the creative minds is interpreted in relation to the technical requirements of ski fashion and the fabrics used by students from specific educational institutions, such as the Herbststrasse Fashion School.

These newly developed, gender-neutral unisex styles, staged in a contemporary manner by photographer Stefan Armbruster for the image campaign, will in future be offered on the digital platform of Galaxies And Creatives according to the made-to-order principle on a limited and exclusive basis. Each year, the portfolio will be expanded to include the creations of additional fashion designers, thus growing steadily. However, the idealistic focus is in the foreground and should create a creative and sustainable added value.

Fair Share

The visionary business model in detail Gregor Pirouzi’s concept is based on transparent circular economy, working together with internationally renowned fashion designers, regional clothing manufacturers and the next generation to develop high-quality ski clothing that conserves resources. A fair distribution of sales within the manufacturing chain is a priority and guarantees the transparent handling of pricing models, margins and profits. The garment maker takes on a larger part of the value creation and is responsible not only for the quality but also for the storage and logistics of the fabrics, for which old stock is also used, thus saving resources.

This is rewarded accordingly. Furthermore, the production in Austria and Europe and the collaboration with fashion and technical schools in the development of the prototypes train the invaluable know-how and ensure its continuity. The aim of Galaxies And Creatives is to show through artistically high-quality designed products that it is also possible to produce in a resource-saving way and at the same time to train specialists for the dying profession of ski fashion together with fashion schools. These, in turn, can be paid accordingly in the future through the fair share model and fair participation of the producers in order to counteract an exodus of production and the extinction of the craft.

Sustainability and the farewell to ready-to-wear From resource-saving production to shortening transport routes, optimising logistics and recycling old fabric stocks, Galaxies And Creatives is comprehensively committed to sustainability. No seasonal collections are protected, as with classic ready-to-wear, because the focus of the made-to-order models is on unique, high-quality designs and therefore promotes the slow fashion system and establishes an artistic claim in function-driven ski clothing by means of limited bespoke pieces. In the future, designer Gregor Pirouzi wants to further strengthen the paradigm shift in fashion and plans to expand the unique concept with a rental platform for designer ski fashion as an additional line of business.

Photocredits: Stefan Armbruster