Ewald Arenz: Of the great happiness of finding love again

Ewald Arenz

It’s never too late for real life: the new great novel by SPIEGEL bestseller author Ewald Arenz touches from the first page.

From the first encounter, Clara and Elias know that they are meant for each other. Everything changes: Elias can no longer deny that he is in a wrong life with his girlfriend. And Clara realizes that it is time to give up the self-chosen loneliness. But there is the age difference and her unresolved feelings of guilt after her husband’s death. Elias, on the other hand, does not really know how to stand for something in life, because as an actor he understands how to save himself from reality again and again into the game. The wild happiness of the first days is followed by the first test, and the two doubt and fight with each other and around each other. Can one, no longer very young and loaded with life experience, once again or even for the first time find and live love? The answer is yes!

About the author

Ewald Arenz, born in Nuremberg in 1965, studied English and American literature and history. He works as a teacher at a high school in Nuremberg and his novels and plays have been awarded numerous prizes. With Alte Sorten  (DuMont 2019), he was on the list »Favourite Book of the Independents« 2019 and on the SPIEGEL bestseller list both as hardcover and paperback. His novel The Great Summer (DuMont 2021) was “the favorite book of independents” in 2021 and has also been on the SPIEGEL bestseller list for weeks. His new novel Die Liebe an miesen Tagen will be published in January 2023 and the author lives with his family near Fürth.

Ewald Arenz, „Die Liebe an miesen Tagen“, Dumont Buchverlag

Photocredits: Lowarig, Ilka Birkefeld