EAR FLATTERER by Jeweller Gressl

EAR FLATTERER by Jeweller Gressl

Ear flatterer, Text: Nina Prehofer

These one-of-a-kind rose gold earrings have been handcrafted by goldsmith Barbara Gressl, boasting the finest Fiji pearls, carved Fiji mother of pearl and champagne-coloured brilliant-cut diamonds.

These ear flatterer frame the face beautifully, and will soon have you daydreaming about tiny islands with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water.

EAR FLATTERER by Jeweller Gressl

These stunning earrings can be paired just as effectively with a white beach dress as with an elegant evening dress, but they will always impart a holiday vibe and a taste for champagne.

gressl.com, € 5,490

There are more than 2,000 different types of jewellery and precious stones, plus fascinating pearl rarities and many possibilities for processing. Together with the customer one can create unmistakable pieces of jewelry.

Barbara Gressl