Distillery Krauss: double gold on the palate

Gin Distillery Karaus Carmen & Werner Krauss, Distillery Krauss

Intense flavour, lingering and creative botanicals: Gin from the Krauss distillery has been awarded double gold.

“Danger line” is the name of the steadily growing gin range from the Krauss distillery in south-western Styrian Schwanberg – from the classic London Dry to Lemon Tree, Saffron and Oak Cask. Seven varieties are already available, while number eight and nine are still in the creative process. Save yourself from these delicacies while you can, because those who drink the gin of the Krauss Distillery never want to drink any other. This is because the good souls behind this high-percentage delight for the taste buds are the two gourmets and technical chemists Carmen and Werner Krauss, who bottle their products only when these meet their own perfected standards for a sophisticated palate.

Distillery Krauss World Spirits Awards


Five years ago, when we already had fine brandies and whisky in our range, we wanted to try something new – and that’s where gin came in”, Carmen Krauss explains. It had to taste intense, so as not to get lost in the flavour when mixing – with tonic, elderflower cordial or champagne. So they started with the classic London Dry on a strong juniper base, subtly ensnared by a fresh citrus flavour and floral-tangy lavender. So the first Styrian London Dry was born – and it impressed across the board: At the first tasting of the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition”, where 121 gins were presented from around the world, it was awarded one (out of ten) double gold medal. In 2017 it won the gold at the World Spirits Award, while this year it was awarded the double gold at the China Wine and Spirits Awards (CWSA).


Then, at a fair, the two gin experts finally stumbled upon a spice merchant from Burgenland, whose saffron, cardamom and other products impressed their delicate noses. The first saffron gin they created immediately found so many fans that it was included in the product range. This provides gin for – every occasion – classic, woody, floral … For instance, the name Flower power conceals the diva of the Krauss gin family: with a strong violet note, rounded off with lavender and camomile. The latest addition is “Tangerine”, with mandarins from Calabria – which was awarded the double gold and “Gin of the Year” at the CWSA in 2018 – and now Carmen Krauss’s favourite. This is distilled in the Krauss distillery itself, strictly following the food safety regulations, with a great focus on sustainability and so carefully, that only the finest spice aromas tickle the taste buds of connoisseurs.