Design Inspiration: Pantone Color of The Year – Yellow and Gray

It is a color story combination that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly!

Two colors that are on fire this year!

Ultimate Gray – Pantone 17-5104
Illuminating Yellow – Pantone 13-0647

The combination of these two colors wasn’t chosen occasionally. They have significance. But, at this moment the focus is on the “Illuminating Yellow”, which means, of course, sunshine and brightness, most of all means hope for this year!

These two magnificent colors will brighten up the day.

Illuminating Yellow color can easily combine perfectly in any part of a home, and it only needs a slight touch to make all the difference. When a color means positivity, hope, and something to look forward to, it is always a good choice.

HOMMÉS Studio and ACH Collection.

Ultimate Gray color represents two powerful things, which are strength and resilience. According to the experts, the Ultimate Grey assures encourages feelings of composure and steadiness.

HOMMÉS Studio and ACH Collection.

It’s easy to guess why they are so magnificent together, how they make such a good team.

HOMMÉS Studio and ACH Collection.

Pantone Colors of the Year were chosen by HOMMÉS Studio and ACH Collection.


HOMMÉS was born from a skilled merge of visionary identities, with distinctive perspectives of design, art, fashion, and cultures. The brand’s life motto is introducing an Haute Couture concept in the Interior Design industry. HOMMÉS believes that a house must express the owner’s soul, as clothes express the personality of the person who dresses them.

About ACH Collection

ACH Collection is a signature brand by Hommés Studio, a one-of-kind decor collection, expressing a luxury lifestyle through a home. Magnificent handmade objects, from tabletop decor to gorgeous pet accessories, intended for collectors of décor. ACH team is a disciplinary team of designers, architects, artistic and lifestyle connoisseurs, that every day looks to improve design aesthetics, creating and boosting new trends, focused on an iconic way of living.

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