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In the fast-paced world of architecture and hotel operations, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is now opening up a whole host of fascinating opportunities. We spoke to Alexander Meissl from Meissl Architects about it. He explained to us the enduring importance of hospitality and the human factor and the link with the dasMAX.

What are you currently working on?

I’m spending a lot of time in Vienna for work, mostly because of our complex project at the Döbling Private Hospital. We are extending the hospital and incorporating many aspects of a hotel under the motto “Recover like you’re on holiday”. We won an architectural competition and our design is inspired by the Bauhaus style, which is also evident from the outside. In the interior, we blend the functional features of a hospital with design in order to create an atmosphere that’s similar to that of a hotel. Our projects have received sustainability certifications. We’re also working on another eight or nine hotel projects in various locations, including Kitzbühel, Bavaria and Arlberg, plus a new solid timber frame hotel project in the Zillertal valley. And the dasMAX in Seefeld, which we brought to life five years ago and has continued to evolve since then.

Is the application of AI a feature of your projects?

Certainly, but it’s important to clarify what AI means and whether it’s a blessing or a curse when it’s used in the right way. In our industry, AI is a blessing. We’re already using various programs and designing interior spaces with AI. Specialist knowledge is required to use it, but we’re able to generate several design options in a very short time. Having said that, AI isn’t able to take all of the details into consideration, and that’s why ultimately the human factor is still necessary.

So you don’t think AI will replace our work in the future?

Our goal is to make work easier with AI, not to replace it. In the hotel industry, we’re curious to see how AI influences the design of amenities. There will most likely be a specialism for designers and architects who make optimal use of AI. The design of lounge areas in hotels is becoming more diverse to meet the needs of various target groups. What does a bar look like? Is there even a bar? Does it look like the restaurant? I think the whole lounge area will take on a completely different dynamic for guests.

dasMAX is celebrating its fifth anniversary this December. What has happened there over the last five years, is there a new dynamic there too?

dasMAX has now established itself on the Seefeld hotel scene and become a big thing. It may be a small hotel, but it has great significance and has had a positive reception throughout the season. We have really good occupancy rates, far higher than the regional average.

What is the concept for the dasMAX? What were your considerations?

We positioned dasMAX as a budget design hotel by Seefelders for Seefeld. Large chain hotels don’t work in our region, which is why having an alternative for visiting design enthusiasts is extremely welcome. They want to have a nice place from which they can explore the area. That’s how it works and is perceived.

Has it evolved?

A business requires around two or three years to look through everything thoroughly. During this time, little has changed, just some minor maintenance work like painting the walls.

For two years, the hotel has been run by manager Carmen, who does so with such dedication it’s as if it were her own. Carmen brings a unique sense of humanity and femininity to the hotel, something AI could never achieve. Her passion and commitment are tangible and underscore the importance of personalised hospitality and well-being. This comparison between AI and the human factor is especially noticeable in the everyday running of the hotel.

What does a hotel need these days in order to function?

It’s difficult to gauge it in a general way. This year, luxury hotels in particular have faced a lot of challenges. Successful hotels are those that manage to accommodate guests over a period of ten months and offer an entertaining experience regardless of the weather. dasMAX fulfils all of these criteria. No matter what the season or the weather, it’s the ideal place for a relaxing holiday or break.

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