Michelin-starred chefs and iconic logos flank Louis Vuitton’s seasonal restaurant in Saint Tropez

This summer, LOUIS VUITTON is leaving the management of the restaurant at the White 1921 Hotel in Saint Tropez to Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Donckele and pastry chef Maxime Frédéric.

Arnaud Donckele & Maxime Frédéric.

Arnaud Donckele, head chef of La Vague d’Or restaurant at Cheval Blanc St-Tropez, and Maxime Frédéric, director of the LOUIS VUITTON café and chocolaterie at the LV DREAM exhibition in Paris, are not only gastronomic colleagues at Cheval Blanc Paris, but also friends in daily life. Apart from their common roots in Normandy, they have long shared a common vision of gastronomy focused on taste, simplicity and authenticity.

The two are careful to source high-quality and seasonal ingredients from local producers. They stand for the excellent craftsmanship of high-quality ingredients that is the foundation of the LOUIS VUITTON tradition. Like the craftsmen and women who demonstrate their skills in the Maison’s workshops, Arnaud Donckele and Maxime Frédéric strive to celebrate traditional craftsmanship, both in the kitchen and in the restaurant.

This summer, the two chefs travel south, with the legendary French seaside resort of Saint Tropez as their destination. Between the Vieux Port and the Place des Lices, they joined forces to create a culinary journey born from the local terroir, a menu of Mediterranean flavors presented in a relaxed, welcoming and elegant way that reflects their close friendship and the summer lifestyle that LOUIS VUITTON is passionate about.

From 3 pm, sweet snacks will be served, ranging from desserts to chocolates and a “Tarte Tropézienne”. The famous delicate brioche with orange blossom flavor has a crispy coating with the LOUIS VUITTON monogram that contrasts with the pleasant coolness of a sorbet ice cream scoop, while the symbolic Dolce Vita cup combines the taste of three types of ice cream.

The journey continues in the evening with a modern menu prepared from the most refined regional ingredients. Sushi prepared with Camargue rice unfolds unique umami experiences on the tongue and is served together with a ceviche of sea bream, St. Peter’s fish and other fish from small, local and environmentally friendly fisheries. Whether it’s mackerel, sardines and Genoese shrimp or artichokes, eggplant, hazelnuts and beefsteak tomatoes grown by Provençal gardeners and harvested the same morning before being prepared and seasoned with simplicity and precision; The entire region – land and sea – takes center stage.

The menu invites you on an authentic culinary journey that stays true to the travel spirit of LOUIS VUITTON. Italian lemon pasta stuffed with truffles, delicately spiced shrimp tartare and Moroccan-prepared lamb chops are some of the clues for the palate in this exploration of the pure flavors and sun-drenched textures of the Mediterranean.

The interior is equally inspired by the LOUIS VUITTON world and picks up on the blue and white tile pattern of the new resort collection “By The Pool,” a motif that recurs from the tableware to the comfortable cushions at the bar in the garden. The generous use of stone, wood and ceramics is in keeping with LOUIS VUITTON’s cherished affinity with nature, enlivened sporadically by elements from the Objets Nomades collection, including the lanterns by Zanellato/Bortotto and the Origami Flowers by atelier oï.

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