Clear your body

Sure, we can wash our body and hair. But what do we do with all the toxic substances inside us? They can’t simply be removed with soap and shampoo. With BodyClearance®, the Ayus Group offers a treatment program that tackles this problem using the innovative INUSpheresis® therapy. How does it work, who is it aimed at and what does the word Ayus mean? We spoke to co-founder Lars Honegger.

How did you become aware of the topic?

I became aware of INUSpheresis® when the sister of a very good friend tried this treatment after her breast cancer chemotherapy. The positive experiences and impressive results she achieved sparked my interest in this innovative procedure. Since then, INUSpheresis® has never let go of me. I am convinced that this unique method has enormous potential to help people worldwide by ridding the body of harmful substances and supporting the natural healing processes.

INUSpheresis® – sounds complicated – what is it all about in simple terms?

INUSpheresis® is an innovative form of blood plasma purification that aims to remove harmful foreign substances and pro-inflammatory substances from the blood. Think of it as a comprehensive “reset button” for your body, helping to strengthen natural self-healing and immune defenses by filtering out harmful toxins and autoantibodies, among other things.

What kind of toxins are found in our bodies?

A variety of pollutants can accumulate in our bodies, including heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium, pesticides and herbicides, microplastic particles, solvents and industrial chemicals. Drug residues, hormonal contaminants and residues from consumer products such as food additives and preservatives are also often present in the body.

And where do they even come from – is it impossible to avoid them?

These pollutants enter our bodies in many different ways. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium are found in polluted air, contaminated water and contaminated food. Pesticides and herbicides from agriculture enter our bodies through our food. Microplastic particles from plastic packaging, cosmetics and textiles also enter our bodies. Solvents and industrial chemicals are also contained in numerous everyday products and can be absorbed through inhalation or skin contact.

What impact do these harmful substances have on our health?

The accumulation of foreign substances in our bodies can have a serious impact on our health. Over time, they can impair organ function and lead to a variety of health problems, including chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders and metabolic problems. It is therefore essential to use methods such as INUSpheresis® to remove these harmful substances from the body and counteract this development.

Who should book an appointment for Ayus BodyClearance®?

The Ayus BodyClearance® program was specially developed for people who suffer from the so-called sub-health syndrome – a condition that lies between health and illness. Those affected often show unspecific symptoms and do not feel completely ill, but not really healthy either.

However, it also serves as a conscious healthy ageing strategy. It promotes longevity and supports general health by ridding the body of harmful substances and thus positively influencing the ageing process.

How does the treatment work?

Our 3-step concept begins with a comprehensive root cause analysis, which uses the latest diagnostic procedures to uncover the underlying causes of complaints. In the second step, we focus on eliminating and relieving the body of harmful substances through specialized therapies such as INUSpheresis®. This phase activates the body’s self-healing powers and improves detoxification. In the third phase, we promote regeneration and biostimulation through targeted biomedical therapies that restore the body’s natural vitality and function. In this way, we support each patient on their path to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

What results are achieved?

Many patients report feeling refreshed and renewed after treatment, as if a reset button has been pressed. Patients often experience an increase in energy, an improvement in concentration, better sleep and a strengthening of the immune system. Chronic inflammation is also reduced, leading to better long-term health and quality of life.

The clinic is in Basel – what makes Switzerland a special treatment location?

Switzerland offers an ideal combination of highly developed medical technology and high quality standards. Our clinic in Basel is located in the border triangle of Switzerland, Germany and France, which provides excellent international accessibility. The proximity to Basel International Airport facilitates travel for patients from all over the world. Basel itself is a modern city with first-class infrastructure. Thanks to the Swiss location, we can ensure that highly trained and qualified specialists offer patients the best medical care.

And what does Ayus actually mean?

“Ayus” comes from Sanskrit and means “life” or “life force”. This name reflects our holistic approach, which aims to improve the quality of life of our patients through innovative therapies. At Ayus, we look at people as a whole and take into account a wide range of health factors. Our approach combines modern medical knowledge with a deep understanding of individual needs and environments.

photocredits: Ayus