Art in a different way: Tattoos by Larissa Paar

Graphic designer Larissa Paar swapped her Macbook for a tattoo machine. With wit, charm and a true attitude to life, she conjures up original drawings on her customers’ skin. True creativity knows no bounds here!

The voice of a generation

The 27-year-old artist chose the millennial generation as her speciality. “Tattoos for sad kids”, as she herself calls her art of the time, because the zeitgeist of this generation is undoubtedly characterised by melancholy and the 90s retro style. Larissa shows a special flair and sensitivity especially for the “Instagram” generation.

“I didn’t choose this style because I want to chase a trend. I just started drawing. I was lucky that at that time the 90s style had really become an internet phenomenon.”

says Larissa Paar

Nevertheless, Larissa herself does not limit herself to the world of milennials, but gives her creativity free rein. A look at her work reveals that she also feels comfortable in the field of classic tattoo motifs. Artistically, she is constantly evolving and allows her creativity to extend to woodcuts and drawings on her iPad.

“My motives often express what I’m feeling at the moment and I think many people of my generation can identify with that.”

explains Larissa

From 3D animator to tattoo artist

Drawing, designing and creating have always been her great passions. Larissa attended the Ortwein School for Performing Arts in Graz and then studied Multimedia Art at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, specialising in 3D animation.

“It always felt good to express myself artistically and to process my experiences and emotions.”

says Larissa.

Larissa quickly decided that life in a design agency, did not meet her expectations.

“After two weeks in a graphics office, I immediately knew that this is not what I want to do. It quickly became clear to me that I had to find something I felt comfortable doing, a job that made me happy to get up in the morning. A job where I can turn my hobby into a profession – and that has always been drawing.”

explains Larissa.

The alternative of trying to be a tattoo artist, which had been on her mind for some time, became more concrete.

“I wanted to do something that fulfils me at the end of the day. In tattooing, I can bring my art to people who appreciate what I do. It’s an indescribably beautiful and fulfilling feeling.”

so Larissa.

Her drawings and tattoo ideas were particularly well received on Instagram, which has now earned her over 17,000 followers. The tattoo artist can currently be found at Create Tattoo Studio in Graz.

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