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AROMEA Airdesign

The word “atmosphere” contains the Greek word “atmós (ατμός)”, which translates as steam or vapour in English. Despite having become widely understood as the perceived feel of a space, the term has actually always been linked with the sense of smell through this root word. From the root word to the brain stem, it only takes one breath in through the nose to create associations, and these should be consistently positive – with the help of the right fragrance.

AROMEA Airdesign is an Austrian company based in Carinthia that specialises in experiences created by scents.

Directors Peter Wieser and Franz Planegger are responsible for the management of the fragrance company, which has achieved great results for over 1,500 customers both in Austria and abroad.

AROMEA Airdesign directors
Peter Wieser and Franz Planegger, Photo: Anja Koppitsch

But the business itself was in operation long before Wieser and Planegger. Founded in 1995, it had great ambitions from the outset: to achieve the best fragrance marketing for any kind of area where it’s important that people feel good.

No easy task, considering the psychology of perception has only recently tapped into the marketing potential of the nose. The company delivers pioneering applications, with two AROMEA towers and some impressive selling points:

  • Residue-free vapour
  • hygienic and safe operation
  • intensity of fragrance and
  • ease of use

combined with high-quality fragrances.

AROMEA tower
AROMEA tower

Good quality is quick to make a name for itself, and since 2007 it has been known as AROMEA Airdesign. The brand added the patented AirQ technology to its product portfolio in 2009 with new devices, proprietary fragrances and the new possibility of providing concealed fragrancing through an air conditioning system.

Fresh air

The management takeover of Peter and Franz in 2017 provided a breath of fresh air in the success story of AROMEA. They implemented a total redesign of the brand identity in 2018, and in the same year the company took over production of the aroma towers. The German fragrance brand Assada has also been part of the AROMEA family since the start of 2019, and now acts as a direct point of contact in all 16 German states.

When the company was looking into succession planning three years ago, we were convinced from the very beginning that this was the company for us. As former business consultants, we have always tried to find the right solutions for companies in order to keep them one step ahead of the competition.

For us, AROMEA Airdesign is a company that helps other companies to distinguish themselves on the market through fragrance marketing,

summarises Peter Wieser.

AROMEA offers comprehensive fragrance services from a single source, from the powerful aroma towers to the AERA and the compact AirQ Nano atomisers. These are milestones of a marketing revolution and embody the latest trends.

This is something that’s also recognised by the four-star Hotel PURADIES in the Leogang alpine region in Austria, around 50 miles from Salzburg, which is just one of the many hotels that create a fragrant atmosphere for their guests.

The nature resort uses two devices from the Nano family in a number of different application areas: the reception, lobby and bar are consistently scented through the air conditioning system, while wall-mounted devices take on the precise fragrancing of the corridors.

AROMEA Airdesign

It’s not possible to make fragrance marketing any more subtle or customised – for guests and employees alike.

AROMEA Airdesign fragrances spaces in German-speaking countries and those bordering Austria. The portfolio of devices ranges from aroma towers to air conditioning and wall-mounted solutions for large areas and compact fragrance devices for smaller spaces. Installation, maintenance and fragrance services are all included in a monthly package – simple, effective and from a single source.

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