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The Arabella Retreat & Spa near the Tyrolean border with Italy and Switzerland is a special place that promotes the freedom to enjoy your holiday just the way you like it.

Text: Nina Prehofer

Relaxation means something different for everyone: while for families it might be a pleasant hike followed by some pool action, for cyclists it’s a rapid downhill track and for couples it’s undisturbed alone time in the apartment. The Arabella Retreat & Spa in the idyllic town of Nauders welcomes all kinds of people, but there’s one thing that unites them: they value the quiet rather than the loud, understatement as opposed to overstatement and spontaneity over planning.


That’s why people are drawn here to this unique power place with just 20 apartments, where hospitality and privacy work hand in hand.

On cloud 78

It’s also recently become home to a new feature: Wolke 78 (Cloud 78). Behind the dreamy name is a modern spa area with an indoor pool, salt water steam room, spa lounge, heated jacuzzi in the garden and much more.

Thanks to carefully selected materials sourced predominantly from the region, the hosts were able to incorporate nature into the spa interior: the sauna smells of the forest, the background noise takes us to the banks of a mountain stream and source water from the nearby Gamort valley burbles in the pool.

That’s how the new Wolke 78 appeals to all the senses and turns relaxation into an experience in itself – no matter whether it’s after an active day on the slopes or a late breakfast.

Nature as far as the eye can see

Something that all areas of the Arabella Retreat & Spa have in common is sleek elegance created by the use of highquality and sustainable natural materials. Austrian oak meets native arolla pine and makes cosy nest-like areas feel open and spacious.

The surrounding mountain landscape is within reach in all parts of the hotel: in the lounge, the premium Sky Sauna and on the rooms’ own balconies and terraces. Being immersed in so much nature grounds and offers guests exactly what they long for the most: to find themselves again, to make memories with their loved ones and to live life to the full.

Aparthotel Arabella

Service on top

How that looks for each individual person is decided by the guests themselves at the Arabella Retreat & Spa – your stay here is personalised and private in your own apartment with a terrace or balcony and a fully equipped kitchen. You don’t have to use the kitchen if you don’t want to, as the hotel provides all the amenities of a four-star hotel as part of their exemplary offering: concierge services, the convivial Auszeit. Bar & Lounge, delivery of breakfast and dinner to your apartment, restaurant recommendations including VIP discounts, MINI convertible and e-Vespa hire to take a spin round the border region and a free programme of activities including a ski test, group hikes, toboggan nights and much more.

All as you want it, of course. Because here you are afforded the ultimate freedom to choose.