Aeijst Gin Aeijst Gin

self- distilled& with the finest note of juniper

The picturesque scenery of Southern Styria is characterised by ranges of hills and vineyards, but a fine international drink is also manufactured here – Styrian Pale Gin. Its name, Aeijst, might not trip off the tongue, but it can be simply and tastefully explained: In the local Styrian dialect, Aeijst (pronounced: Ej-st) means branches – and Aeijst is a Styrian gin made from juniper, fresh from the branches. The idea occurred to Wolfgang Thomann years ago while he was distilling his own juniper schnapps. At the tasting, his whole
family was delighted by the flavour. The copper distilling kettle developed into a distillery, which was relocated to an old winegrower’s house in St. Nikolai in the Sausal. Juniper, lavender, ginger, cardamom and lemon grass are some of the nine botanicals, the 100-percent organic ingredients of Styrian Pale Gin. Every single one of the ingredients is critically tasted before being combined in a harmonious recipe for a “London Dry Gin”. Aeijst Gin has received several awards thanks to its simultaneously complex and rounded flavour, including taking silver at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2015 in London. The fine packaging is also a signature feature.

Gin lovers can see at first hand how it is created at the 400-litre distillery. They can even make the gin themselves: There is a special workshop for this at which the participants can cut the botanicals themselves and put them together to their own taste. Everyone gets a little bottle of their own creation to take home. Aeijst fans can find all the information about this on Facebook and Instagram.