Aeijst Christmas Blend: Original Gin Glass Balls // DAY 4

Aeijst Gin Glaskugeln

The distillery of the small-batch organic gin Aeijst in St. Nikolai im Sausal in southern Styria makes distillates that are purist and clear, like their surroundings.

Christmas Blend

A gin can be more than just a gin. It can show itself as a tasty gift. The Christmas Blend combines all three of Aeijst’s flavors in a very unique blend for a contemplative surprise. Pale, the classic, sets up its botanical flavor. Umbra, the playful one, is delicately chocolaty and reminiscent of tree ornaments. Peat, the wicked one, homey like candlelight.

Drinking suggestion:
Next to a Christmas tree in contemplative silence. Tastes good with carp, goose and serene family gatherings.


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Joyous bouquet & delightful finish

Different characters are finely combined here in varying proportions to enhance each other. They result is a balanced aroma and a round, new taste. A joyous bouquet and a delightful finish. The best way to explain it is to pour it and let the glasses ring.

Aeijst Gin

Pale, Umbra & Peat

Aeijst is available in three flavors, each with its own character: Classic. Playful. Wicked. They complement each other and show their own attitude. This is what makes good taste for the Thomann family.

Aeijst Pale

The first, the Styrian Pale Gin. Strictly speaking, he is a London dry gin, the Thomann family describes his very own style with Pale. For clarity and simplicity. Inside and out. Aeijst is made from 100% organic ingredients. Nine different botanicals were first tasted individually and then combined in a harmonious recipe. Handmade from honest conviction. Balanced in taste. Puristic, but not simple.

Aeijst Umbra

Aeijst Umbra is a gin that presents itself as very emotive. We like to call it painterly. It was named in Latin after the shadow, in keeping with its dark nature. The tone is set by the deep aroma of roasted cocoa beans from the Zotter chocolate factory. The fruity and spicy aromas of the botanicals have been completely re-composed and strengthened. This has more to do with painting than with classic recipes.

To drink:
Pure and very pleasant to drink. Excellent as an accompaniment to coffee, in hot espresso or cold brew, with an ice-cold, natural cola, for witty new cocktails, but also as a classic gin and tonic. Perfect for a hot day, a cold night and a positive mood.

Aeijst Peat

Aeijst Peat is the first of its kind. Peat was named in English after the fibrous bog soil. A gin from juniper berries, which were smoked over Styrian peat from the high moor of Garanas. Besides lending its distinct taste, peat also became the namesake for us. The terroir of Styria was unmistakably captured in a bottle of Aeijst. Unusual accent, unexpected depth. Unconventional, but not complicated.


To drink:
It can be drunk purely as a headstrong loner. When mixed, it becomes an amazing secret ingredient in cocktails. Gives drinks additional character, for example as Skinny Peat in a minimalist gin soda with a slice of lime or in the classic gin tonic.


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