Helsinki has a lively and high-quality food culture that is still not fully recognised internationally. The goal of the City of Helsinki’s new food strategy is to highlight the Finnish capital’s unique food offerings and promote Helsinki as a world-class food city. Food will also be a central theme at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair on 20-22 January 2023. Helsinki’s food story will also be shared to the world by the restaurant Finnjävel’s pop-up at COMO The Halkin Hotel in London from 21 March to 1 April 2023.

Food is a distinct chapter in Sifnos. The island has a great gastronomic tradition; you can taste it in every single bite. There’s no wonder why Nikolaos Tselementes, the Greek cook that changed the course of Greek gastronomy, was born here. While Greece is well-known for its cuisine and most of the travellers are interested in tasting traditional dishes, the food in Sifnos has something unique that differentiates it; maybe it’s the way that humble ingredients transform into an explosion of taste.

When trying to reconcile training, work and social contacts, stress is often pre-programmed. Sitting back and relaxing often takes a back seat, making it difficult to maintain focus. Therefore, putting sleep and the ability to concentrate first plays an essential role in boosting performance and improving overall well-being. With the new Focus + Vitamin Drops and Sleep + Melatonin Drops, foodspring offers the ideal support for this…

Share.Food Designer Bilge Nur Saltik’s intent is to incorporate culture with contemporary design. Pairing the old with the new, she works with traditional craftsmen–tapping into their age-old techniques and knowledge–and introduces them to new materials and fabrication processes. This intersection produces unexpected results and never-seen-before products…

Dear readers! Today we are sending you lovely holiday greetings from the POST Family Resort in the tranquil village of Unken in Salzburger Land. From boccia, swimming pond and ball pool to pool, horses and Playstation – nobody can get bored here. The Culinary Friendship evening was our personal highlight: exceptionally good food at the Strandhaus with lovely people and a great atmosphere. We spoke to visionary host Florian Unseld about food, family as inspiration and the town of Unken. But read for yourself. All the best, THE Stylemate team

Sure, we can wash our body and hair. But what do we do with all the toxic substances inside us? They can’t simply be removed with soap and shampoo. With BodyClearance®, the Ayus Group offers a treatment program that tackles this problem using the innovative INUSpheresis® therapy. How does it work, who is it aimed at and what does the word Ayus mean? We spoke to co-founder Lars Honegger.

Eating, chatting, being together – it doesn’t take much for a successful meal. The houses of the Alto Group in South Tyrol show how it’s done. They are places that tell stories and create stories. Places with charm that are simply there without pushing themselves to the fore. Places where culinary delights are celebrated together. Buon appetito!