99 NAMES OF GOD, covered by Mentrix

MENTRIX – 99 NAMES OF GOD (The 99 Names of Allah or Asma-ul-Husna)

“99 Names of God” is a special release for this Ramadan in collaboration with Mentrix and Tobias Gremmler, which you might know for his latest works with Björk.

99 Names Of God are the many words which describe God in the Quran. These words are principals and qualities that manifest the divine. In sufism, the teachings invite one to contemplate on these words : which one of these words are you? This chant, composed of three vocal octaves in the style of Tavashi, has been sung by many around the world. My version is here to honour the very essence of Islam, an invitation for every individual, beyond gender and social constructs, to cognise the divine within. (Mentrix)

Music | Mentrix
Director | Tobias Gremmler