25hours Hotels

25hours hotels

The 25hours Hotels are a hotel group based in Hamburg, Germany, known for their individual and creative concepts. The brand was founded in 2005 by Christoph Hoffmann and has since opened numerous hotels in various European cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Cologne, Munich, Zurich, and Paris.

The hotels of the 25hours group are characterized by their unconventional design, which is oriented towards the unique features of each city. Each hotel has its own concept and story, which are reflected in the design, furnishings, and services offered. For example, there is the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, which is located in the building of the former Bikini-Haus and impresses with its proximity to the Berlin Zoo as well as the connection between nature and urbanity in its design concept.

25hours Hotel Das Tour

L’amour toujours: The Rhine metropolis of Düsseldorf with its proximity to France inspired the Swedish creative team Stylt Trampoli to create a design concept between German engineering and French artistic flair for the 25hours Hotel Das Tour. The highlight is the restaurant and bar: The Paris Club spans two floors. In the 16th-floor restaurant, guests can meet for lunch or dinner. In the 17th-floor bar, they can enjoy French highballs with a spectacular view over Düsseldorf. The rooms? French chambres with dreamy and artistic charm, warm tones, and clean design and clear colors in the rooms. The wellness area on the 14th floor also offers a unique view. On the ground floor, a French café, a flower shop, a kiosk, and a bike shop await travelers and locals.

25hours Hotel The Trip

Africa, Asia, Oceania, distant lands, foreign cultures. The Frankfurt artist Michael Dreher and the team of Morgen Interiors bring the whole world to the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel with their concept. From the ground floor to the roof, each floor of the 25hours Hotel The Trip is reminiscent of adventurous journeys and legendary expeditions. The Arctic, the tropics, and the mountains become casual retreats that satisfy the thirst for adventure and wanderlust. Under the motto “Israel meets Palestine,” oriental dishes come together on the plate at the BAR SHUKA restaurant. In the Bollywood cinema, Italian SHUKA CAFE, and Japanese SHUKA BAR, people from all over the world tell their stories. The shared workspace in Studio 54 can be used for short and long stays. And during the rooftop course, everyone can get some exercise and then relax in the Finnish sauna.

25hours Hotel The Goldman

The 25hours Hotel Frankfurt The Goldman is located on Hanauer Landstraße, the main artery of the creative Ostend. Modern architecture is fighting for its place next to industrial monuments here. Night owls meet business travelers, city Indians meet urban pilgrims. Local sponsors and international personalities, led by the famous district director Ardi Goldman, give the neighborhood its personality. Under the direction of Frankfurt artists Michael Dreher and Delphine Buhro, two worlds have emerged: the west sector of the building houses individually playful rooms with a romantic touch, while the cool east sector exudes the rough charm of the UN headquarters in New York. The Oost Bar is a lounge, bar or a stage for local artists depending on the time of day.

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