VICTORIA/TOMAS, Paris, France: “buy less, wear more”

VICTORIA/TOMAS Photo: Alessandro Lucioni /

VICTORIA/TOMAS, Text: Nora Palzenberger


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The clothes

Their passion for skater culture and Tim Burton’s eccentricity combines with their fascination with experimental fashion and art to form the recipe for the success of VICTORIA/TOMAS. The pair don’t see
their collections as being either masculine or feminine, but rather more of a dialogue between man and woman.

Men’s wardrobe essentials form the basis and are adapted for the female body through the use of
feminine elements and cuts. The result is pieces with sculptural silhouettes and vivid colours for a new generation of modern women.

Photos: Alessandro Lucioni /

The designers

Working together and living together – for proof that this combination can work well, look no further than Paris-based designer duo VICTORIA/TOMAS, who are also a couple outside of work. Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins founded their joint label in 2012, four years after first meeting at a French fashion school.

They first gained international recognition in 2013 as the youngest finalists at the Festival d’Hyères, the longest-running fashion festival in the world.

Photo: Marion Colombani

« COZYRISTIC » – Autumn/Winter 21-22
« Binôme » First Fully Reversible Winter Collection
Art Direction – Boris Feldman –

Production – Gautier Lacaille-Aranda ; Clément Gaucher-Holmann –

The green promise

The imposed lockdown during the first wave of the pandemic in spring 2020 forced Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins to reconsider their access to fashion. To avoid excess, they are now both committed to living by the phrase “Buy less, wear more”, and decided that in future, they will only design versatile 2-in-1 pieces that can be worn in two ways.

In addition, the label will move from four collections a year to two, and will relocate all production to France in order to ensure the best quality, as promised by the Made in France label.