TRAVEL in STYLE with the cool travel sets from UASHMAMA

UASHMAMA makes packing easier with its unique travel sets: Beauty cases, bags, bottle carriers made of washable paper are the perfect companions for your trip.

Spoilt for choice: Do you like the round VULCANO bag (above) better, or the rectangular models of the LIPARI series (below)? Both are light as a feather, stackable and fit perfectly into any suitcase or bag.

The styles are available in different shades, from avana (brown) to old pink and gray. Who likes it more glittery can buy the beautiful bags also in gold.

The PANAREA styles (below) stack high! Here, even longer items find space effortlessly.
All cases are available in the sizes small, medium and large, as well as in the colors Avana (light brown), Quarzo (rosé), gray and metallic Plantino.

The beautiful BEAUTY CASES from UASHMAMA convince with their simplicity. They are available in the colors white, Quarzo, Metallic Platino and Metallic Peltro (platinum). Make-up, soap, creams and Co are perfectly packed in them.

PARMA is the perfect lunch bag: it is ideal for carrying sandwiches, fruit and more. With its handles and wide shoulder strap PARMA is comfortable to carry – the lunch bag is, due to the AGGO® paper, super light.

PARMA comes in four color options: Avana, Forest, Metallic Platino and new in a super fresh Metallo Limone.

Of course, UASHMAMA also offers the matching bottle bag. TIVOLI is available in the sizes small and medium and stows comfortably and safely each water bottle. Simply put it on and off you go!

UASHMAMA is a family business based in Tuscany. Father Marco is the creative head of the company. His many years of experience in the footwear industry provide him with a tremendous know-how in craftsmanship and “Made in Italy”. He also has a very intimate knowledge of the latest technologies in the industry.UASHMAMA, designs and manufactures lifestyle products that are the perfect blend of sustainability, functionality and design. UASHMAMA aims to stand for a more conscious life with its eco-friendly products designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy.