Stool 60 by Artek: are you sitting sustainably?

Photos: Artek

Back in 1933, Artek released the Stool 60 – a sustainable way to sit down.

Stool 60 by Artek

Designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, millions of the number one stool of all stools have now been sold, not least because of its simple design language and practical, simple use – like being easy to stack.

And that’s before you consider the sustainable manufacturing of the design object.

Alvar Aalto’s iconic Stool 60 is the most elemental of furniture pieces, equally suitable as a seat, a table, storage unit, or display surface. 

– Artek

No wonder the Stool 60 was honoured with the German Sustainability Award for Design in the Icons category in December 2020.

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