ROSE HILL by CetraRuddy: art deco in New York

Batman, gangsters, Gotham City. Skyscrapers, millionaires and glamour. The images evoked by the Rose Hill tower designed by CetraRuddy for the Rockefeller Group are truly impressive. The building is also an exquisite revival of Manhattan’s art deco architecture.

You don’t need to be an art lover to know about art deco in New York. After all, the illustrators of legendary comic series were inspired by buildings such as the Rockefeller Center, which was constructed in the 1930s. Gotham City style is now experiencing a glittering revival in the form of the new Rose Hill residential tower by the Rockefeller Group. Batman himself would surely have taken a liking to this skyscraper. Designed by architecture practice CetraRuddy, the complex celebrates the art deco era in a glamourous comeback and with a complete lack of gloom.

Gotham aesthetics in a modern world

The 45-storey tower on Manhattan’s 30 East 29th Street is expected to be completed this year. Even long before the 183-metre tower had reached its final height, renderings revealed that something special was going to appear here: a perfect combination of traditional Gotham aesthetics and contemporary New York lifestyle. Elegant art deco architecture defines the exterior and interior, both of which are in the expert hands of the CetraRuddy architects.

The columnar base of this residential tower narrows towards the top. In a throwback to the early Gotham style, Rose Hill has been designed with welcoming terraces on the upper floors. And a magnificent “crown” sits enthroned on the top of the skyscraper.

Like the backdrop to a classic movie: Rose Hill celebrates New York’s art deco architecture.

Art deco in a new light

The glass, metal and terracotta facade is a veritable eyecatcher. Bronze-coloured panelling and vertical chevron patterns adorn the exterior. Decorative lighting illuminates the qualities of the new construction, inspired by other famous Rockefeller Group buildings.

Rose Hill draws a direct connection back to the Rockefeller Center with its heavy art deco influence of the 20th century.

Project description by the Rockefeller Group

In short: CetraRuddy and Rose Hill are presenting a homage to the living history of bygone skyscraper architecture, while creating a modern edifice.

It is a building that is oriented on the current and future needs of urban life.

Rose Hill: indoor pool
A feast for the eyes inside as well: the large pool in the new Gotham-style building.

Luxury furnishings and an extensive range of services are naturally on offer in the new Rockefeller high-rise. Although that’s not so surprising – the cheapest of the 123 apartments costs no less than 1.195 million US dollars.

Prime location in the Rose Hill neighbourhood

It is no surprise that the location is also second to none: the new building is situated in a historic neighbourhood that was once known as Rose Hill and lent its name to the complex.

There is a gutsiness about the Rose Hill neighbourhood that is reflected in the design of the building – a quintessentially New York building with attitude.

Nancy Ruddy, architect and co-founder of CetraRuddy

Three storeys of Rose Hill are fitted with specific amenities for its residents. These shared areas aim to encourage social contact and enrich the urban style of living. The highlights include a library curated by Strand Books and the large private Blue Room bar at lobby level.

Shared rooms in the Rose Hill tower
Impressive: Rose Hill offers exquisitely designed rooms for shared use…
Luxurious apartments in the Rose Hill tower
…and luxuriously fitted apartments with high ceilings and expansive windows.

A lounge with a panoramic view of Manhattan’s skyline fills the entire 37th floor. It functions as an exclusive club area for the residents and their guests – with a private dining room, fireplace, bar and rooms for relaxing entertainment. Spacious, sheltered terraces guarantee exclusive outdoor leisure.

Wellness, fitness & gardens

The acclaimed New York team at CetraRuddy naturally integrated a leisure and fitness area with 15-metre pool, fitness studio, squash court and sauna into the luxurious concept as well. There is also a bicycle room with workshop, and a courtyard with garden zones offering its residents the opportunity to relax among manicured greenery.

Drawing of facade design
Extraordinary: the facade of the Gotham-style tower…
Apartment interior in the Rose Hill tower
…and its interior with handpicked details.

The size of the Rose Hill residences ranges from studios to apartments and penthouses with four bedrooms. All of them are fitted with wooden flooring, Calacatta marble worktops and also bronze and gold surfaces in art deco style. Expansive windows and ceiling heights of up to almost four metres guarantee that all this beauty is shown to its fullest advantage.

Flexible floor plans indulge the super-rich

The architects are pursuing maximum flexibility in the interior of this modern Gotham tower. Prospective owners of the Rose Hill residences can use adaptable layouts. Sliding doors enable rooms to be opened up or separated off again at any time to help with difficult decisions.

View of Manhattan's skyline from the Rose Hill tower
A breathtaking outlook: the apartments offer the residents of Rose Hill a magnificent view of Manhattan’s skyline.

The lobby is especially reminiscent of scenes from classic movies. Fitted with wood panelling on the walls, handcrafted metal features and black/white tiled floor, it could easily be used as scenery for an exhilarating battle between Batman and his wealthy enemies.

Rose Hill is our return to our roots – to Manhattan.

Megumi Brod, Senior Vice President and Regional Development Officer of the Rockefeller Group

A massive fireplace made of black marble lends additional glamour in the lounge and intensifies this impression, together with the direct entrance to the garden, the lofty ceiling and the elegant, classic bar.

Gotham City style – then and now

It is indisputable that the Rockefeller Group influenced New York’s cityscape 90 years ago and that Rose Hill is now another architectural icon. According to CetraRuddy, the design of the new residential tower in Gotham style is the most recent in a series of high-rises that define the new skyline.

CetraRuddy Architecture's design of the Rose Hill tower
CetraRuddy Architecture’s beautiful Rose Hill design for the Rockefeller Group project.
Artwork of the Rose Hill tower, like Gotham City
Batman’s Gotham City: The tower only looks this forbidding in the artwork.

The architecture bureau is currently also causing a stir with residential buildings such as One Madison, the recently completed ARO and the project 45 Broad Street. And its office complex 412W15 is intended to become the new highlight in the Meatpacking District, as its tallest building.

Another icon for Manhattan’s skyline

The art deco Rose Hill tower celebrates New York’s architectural heritage in its best sense. From the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings to the Radio City Music Hall, legendary buildings such as these are indispensable features on the face of the revered “Big Apple”.

Of course, new high-rises such as Smith + Gill’s Central Park Tower and Norman Foster’s office tower 425 Park Avenue create fantastic highlights on New York City’s skyline. Rose Hill has its own, perfectly captivating flair. This art deco skyscraper rejuvenates Manhattan’s Gotham style – and revives the historic architecture of the superhero cities, while pictured so gloomily in Batman comics, in a new and much-deserved spotlight.

Text: Elisabeth Schneyder
Translation: Rosemary Bridger-Lippe
Images: Rockefeller Group/Recent Spaces, CetraRuddy Architecture