Quadrodesign: restyling the dressing rooms of the Arcimboldi Theatre

Quadrodesign, chosen by four well-known Milanese architecture and interior design studios, are the protagonists of the competition for the restyling of the dressing rooms of the Arcimboldi Theatre.

Quadrodesign and TAM Teatro Arcimboldi Milano, or rather the excellence in tapware design and the prestigious architectural project on an urban scale conceived for the city of Milan by the architect Vittorio Gregotti in the years 1997-2002: the path of the company has recently crossed and given its valuable contribution to the Milanese institution by becoming a partner of four among the interior design studios that participated in the contest VIETATO L’INGRESSO (created by Giulia Pellegrino).

17 studios (+ 1 that redesigned the common corridor) have each “adopted” one of the artists‘ dressing rooms, redesigning its aesthetics and overseeing its construction, from the building site to the smallest decorative details. A call-to-action for creatives, companies and workers who have given shape to a heterogeneous range of interpretations of the needs of special users such as artists, who spend precious time in the dressing room before entering the stage and their performance. Now the dressing rooms will host the artists who, since October, have started to tread the boards of one of the most prestigious stages in Italy.

The Quadrodesign collections, starting from the common assumption of stainless steel as a performing raw material, of an essential aesthetic made of refined and measured details that never chase the surprise effect, of a technological perfection achieved respecting the environmental urgencies, have been able to characterize projects with such different souls as those of Atelierzero, Monica Baio Nicola Quadri, Park Associati and Studio Wok.

Here they are in detail:


For the dressing room entitled IMMERSIONE (immersion), has chosen Luca Papini‘s Modo collection, whose controls are marked by deep bezels, proposed and designed for ergonomic and precise flow regulation and to create reflections and shades on the steel.

A very simple line of taps makes Modo a universal model, the chosen finish is black PVD suitable to fit into a “welcoming and intimate environment, characterised by large full surfaces, which are combined with strong colours and contrasts of materials”.

Monica Baio Nicola Quadri

Monica Baio Nicola Quadri‘s dressing room is an OMAGGIO ALLE RIVOLUZIONI CREATIVE (homage to creative revolutions), where flowers, flowers and more flowers explode, printed on a vintage fabric, created by the genius of Josef Frank in 1940: brightly coloured, bold, oversized, crazy, free, you get lost in the search for details“.

project by Monica Baio Nicola Quadri, ph. credits Simona Pesarini

Just as the flowers seem to be drawn with a very modern stroke, Luca Papini‘s HB taps bring to mind in their decoration the trace of the pencil on the paper, the birthplace of every project. The pencil is the extension of the hand, just as the mixer is that of water. Both are bearers of something ancestral, which has always defined man and his relationship with the world. The elegant profile of HB takes up this link and brings it into the bathroom, making it precious and elegant.

Park Associati

He has chosen the fascination of industrial taps with their typical hydraulic and gas ball valves as inspiration for a synthetic and very modern formal reinterpretation.

DARKNESS & LIGHT: project by Park Associati
Ph. credits of the room image: Luca D. Privitera

Valvola01 is designed by Studio Adolini in the name of maximum flexibility: in this case the designers of the dressing room have chosen the combination of the two black and satin PVD finishes that well represent the mood of their DARKNESS & LIGHT:

“The dressing room is the borderline between reality and representation, the beginning and the end of the hero’s journey, darkness and light.”

DARKNESS & LIGHT: project by Park Associati
Ph. credits of the detail image: Simona Pesarini,

Studio Wok

Industrial inspiration is also a favourite of Studio Wok, who choose the Valvola02 series designed by Studio Adolini with a cross-shaped knob in monochrome satin-finished steel.

Mounted directly on the mirror, the taps endlessly multiply their lines. IN BETWEEN is the title of the dressing room, as “it represents for us a mysterious and fascinating space, a threshold between the world of reality and that of representation. The project works precisely on the theme of the threshold, a place in-between two worlds where the artist transforms himself but at the same time finds his space to relax or concentrate.”

Several decades have now passed since the Arcimboldi was built and many moments of art and entertainment have taken place and are now resuming on its stage: the choral operation of restyling the dressing rooms has symbolically activated a link between the world of theatre and the world of design, giving companies such as Quadrodesign, a spokesman for Made in Italy, the opportunity to express their potential values and skills, including the creation of beauty, to be experienced both in the privacy of a home and in a prestigious public place.

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