OURA RING: Put a Ring on it

Oura Ring

Better than smartwatches – and much better looking. The Oura ring is our favourite new smart piece of jewellery. The ring doesn’t just look good in gold, silver, rose gold and black, it also tracks your sleep and your activity to optimise your fitness.

Via the associated app, the ring shows you when you need rest and when you can really push yourself. And because mindfulness is particularly important, the ring also encourages you to engage rest mode if your stress levels are too high – with guided sessions, meditation practice and tips for better health. Because the ring is on your finger and not on your wrist like other wearables, it can accurately measure your heart rate and therefore better process all the data. It’s a real all-rounder.

Ouraring.com / from €314, 2 designs, 5 colourstile