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sowana - bademantel

Wonderfully cuddly fine and soft: The bath textiles from Sowana are just right for the whole family. Feel good and enjoy!

After a bath, linger cozy and gently wrapped and simply enjoy. Who does not love this moment and this feeling? The unique bathrobes with the highest quality standards – which are made in Austria – are extremely high quality and feel incomparably good. They bring a feeling of warmth and well-being to your skin and are characterized by their lightness and highest wearing comfort. After bathing and on the go, wrap up and feel good.

About Sowana

Sowana is an Austrian company with its own Austrian production, which attaches great importance to sustainability, environmental protection and regionality. Sowana means sun, water and nature. SUN: It stands for radiant purity. WATER: Because we use very few cleaning agents. NATURE: So that sustainability and environmental protection are observed.

Shine up close, is Sowana’s company philosophy. Because the focus is on high-quality products that give you and your home shine. These are produced in Austria and thus reach you via short transport routes. Sowana started with a small sewing shop in Vorarlberg. In the meantime, they can look back on a successful Austrian company, which over the years has also had to expand logistically again and again.

In all that she does, Sowana pays very close attention to the environment. That was and is their credo. In this regard, they are constantly learning and improving. Sustainability, regionality and environmental protection have been the cornerstones on which they have based the production steps of all products since the day the company was founded.

Quality is not only important, it is their promise. Various awards, such as the Austria Quality Label, the Austrian Ecolabel, the EU Ecolabel and also the positive ratings in customer satisfaction surveys also provide external proof of the high quality of Sowana products.

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