Fresh motivation for the new year with a new sports outfit

Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet: For many people, these are at the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Well-known New Year’s resolutions are simply part of the change. And to ensure that it doesn’t just remain a resolution, the motivation to live healthier should also be realised. With a few practical tips and a new outfit for sport, it will be much easier.

Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult

Those who walk slowly are still faster than those who stay at home on the sofa. This well-known saying contains one of the most effective tips for becoming more active in the new year. It is very important to simply make a start and set yourself realistic goals. After all, if you take on too much, you run the risk of failing quickly and then your motivation can quickly fade. It is better to set yourself smaller, achievable goals, and you can always increase your sports programme at any time.

Clothes make the man, even in sport

A complete change of outfit can also be helpful in realising your sporting New Year’s resolutions. If you do it right, sport can be a lot of fun. And a new sports outfit helps you to feel good. Looking good while playing your favourite sport is one thing, the other is adapting to your physical activity in the best possible way. Modern sporswear offers both – a good look and functionality. One of the first steps in successfully realising your New Year’s resolutions is therefore to decide which outfit is best suited to which sport.

Sport Trends 2024

The tried and tested is good, but choosing a new sport can provide more motivation. Trying something new is a great way to make New Year’s resolutions at the turn of the year. For 2024, there is a good selection of trend sports in which a regular workout can ensure visible success. You won’t be spoilt for choice. Get started first, and if it doesn’t work out, you can always switch to something else. You can get good information and help with implementing your workout in a professionally run gym, for example.


The aim of Pilates is to harmonise breathing and movement. Originally designed for acting and dance, the holistically orientated Pilates is still one of the trend sports in 2024. The controlled movements during the workout are slow and flowing, and when done correctly, Pilates helps to shape the body and strengthen stamina.


This sport is similar to tennis and is played on a badminton court with a low net. The small racket resembles a paddle and the ball is a robust plastic ball with small holes all round. Pickleball is one of THE trend sports for 2024, is slower than tennis and badminton and, in addition to developing physical endurance, is easy on the joints.

Mindful Running

This trend sport does not require a visit to a fitness centre. Mindful running is simply about running outdoors. What has been known and loved as jogging for decades is combined here with mindfulness. Mindful runners always complete their workout according to how their body feels. Measurable success is not what counts; fitness watches with heart rate monitors are not used for training. Mindful running is conscious jogging in which the so-called anchor is focussed on breathing, for example.

Which outfit suits which sport?

When it comes to sport outfit one thing is particularly important – feeling good during your workout. You can find functional and stylish sportswear and effectively supportive sports bras at Hunkemöller. The tight-fitting sports outfits are made from robust, breathable fabrics and are perfect for Pilates or mindful running. There are also leggings and matching tops for trendy pickleball. And because the focus is always on trends when it comes to design, the stylish outfits are also suitable for normal leisure activities.