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Imagine going on holiday in search of relaxation and experiences and finding something much more valuable instead – namely yourself. Es Racó d’Artà is such a special place that takes a step back and at the same time offers enough stimulation to create space for being human! The days in the mallorquin hideaway flow mindfully and those who allow themselves to be unagitated will return home with gratitude and fulfilment. Read for yourself what a day at Es Racó d’Artà could look like…


The sun rises over the hills of the wild north-east of Mallorca. The eternal greenery, the old farmhouse, the new outbuildings, the water surface of the pools: the resort is kissed awake by the rays. And us? We take a deep breath. With a first sun salutation during yoga and conscious breathing exercises with guided meditation, we start to become aware of our bodies. A Mediterranean breakfast gives us strength and we are ready to start a day in which we can grow.


And now? Let’s just get cycling! Through the area’s vineyards, we get closer to nature. Or experience it from the pool and watch the horizon. We connect with the water and
discover the Mallorcan word capfico, immersion, in all its splendour. We then lose
ourselves a little in the spacious grounds and learn to appreciate the bees and their
products before heading out for lunch with the flavoursome products from the garden.


Siesta. Simply doing nothing. Just processing and recharging batteries before experiencing the crafts and history of Mallorca and its inhabitants yourself. Basket weaving with palm leaves, meditative pottery or the sandals workshop. The rooms are now coloured in ochre, it becomes quieter, we pick up a book, smell, perceive and process the day with intuitive drawing.


Dinner at Es Racó d’Artà is a special moment of the day. We experience honest cuisine with seasonal ingredients and typical mallorquin dishes and share the table with others. It’s getting dark, the stars are shining and with the dreamcatchers we’ve made, we can come to rest. Perhaps there will also be time for a sound bath before we bow down to this day and let the darkness envelop us.

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photocredits: Jean Marie Del Moral