MH Residence: Mountain biking and bikepacking in the comfort of a Tiny House

MH Residenz

Are you ready to enter the exciting world of outdoor adventures, where action-hungry cyclists on flow trails, gravel bikers and enthusiastic bike packers meet? And if you’re also dreaming of the perfect accommodation for bike adventures, MH Residence’s versatile and compact Tiny House is just what you need for your adventurous journey. We show why.

The Bike Life.

With the growing interest in Gravel Biking, numerous events are springing up in Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and beyond. These organized rides span several days and cover distances from 75 km to over 300 km. The appeal lies in the challenge, camaraderie and sustainability inherent in this movement. While routes and cycling experiences are carefully curated, participants often have to arrange their own meals and accommodations. It’s a scene where adventurousness meets a laid-back atmosphere.

Tiny Houses: The quintessence of adventure housing

Amidst this whirlwind of adventurous activities and lively gatherings, MH Residence‘s Tiny House concept appears to be the perfect accommodation solution. Ideal for a couple to fit under a cozy pitched roof, or a solo traveler looking for an efficient and minimalist nook, the Tiny House is the ultimate fusion of form and function. With enough space for two people and an additional pull-out couch for an adult or two children, it’s a versatile retreat that’s perfect for adventuring.

A journey through the beauty of nature

Beyond cycling adventures, Austria’s diverse landscape invites exploration. Diverse websites and slow-food regions are just a few examples of Austria’s commitment to sustainable and nature-based travel. These initiatives create a seamless synergy with the concept of Tiny Houses – offering a small but luxurious refuge amidst the splendor of nature.

Whether you’re hitting exciting flow trails, embarking on bikepacking odysseys, tackling gravel biking challenges, or simply enjoying the beauty of Austria’s natural treasures, consider the Tiny House your base for unforgettable adventures. It embodies minimalist luxury, where comfort and convenience embrace nature.

About MH Residenz 

Tourism rethought! With this motto MH Residenz GmbH brings tourism back to nature. The company works on holistic concepts for sustainable luxury resorts including the general distribution of glamorous mobile homes, luxury chalets, tree houses as spectacular accommodation, romantic tiny houses, floating homes or luxury boutique tents. The end result is unforgettable vacation experiences and a harmonious balance between nature and guest comfort. And all this from one source!