MAM Vienna

Viennese Street Luxury made in Portugal. He loves to sek people and he loves the applause. Max Weißenböck aka “MaxaMillion” is Austria’s most successful fashion Youtuber and has long since become a designer himself.

High quality & sustainability

Besides high quality, the MAM Vienna label also stands for sustainability and inclusivity. Street style fashion with a socio-political message is produced in the same manufactories in Portugal as Balenciaga, Jaquemus or Balmain, but still affordable. The entire collection is unisex and only available in limited editions, which are usually sold out within a few days and leave no remnants in the spirit of sustainability.

About MAM Vienna

The strong enthusiasm of the fashion industry made Max Weißenböck’s dream come true. His success on YouTube has pushed his career more and more on the fashion track and led to the foundation of MAM Vienna in December 2019.

Maximilian Weißenböck started out with simple merchandise products. Over time, however, he himself realized that he does not want to wear his own products, because it does not embody what is important to him in a product. Especially the fabric quality, feel and packaging was not there. In order to be able to produce products with high quality he has long talked with various contacts to finally come together with the manufactory in Portugal.  

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