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Escape. Infinite escape. Louis Vuitton continues its emotional adventure with Parfums de Cologne, an unprecedented concept illustrating the perfect alliance between the lightness of a citrusy mist and the depth of flowers.

Dive into an ocean of pleasure

On the Beach continues the great West Coast escape and completes this radiant collection. On the Beach, the new perfume by Louis Vuitton, recounts the delights of the coastline and the desire for wide open spaces, a blissful long stretch of the beach, and the peaceful rush of the ocean.

It reconnects with the ambiance of the West Coast — a territory that’s free, passionate and wildly creative — extending the atmosphere of fragrances that have all the spontaneity of Colognes, combined with the sophistication of perfumes. The exhilaration of a beautiful day, when the landscape is transformed by mist radiating in dazzling azure. When the ocean’s metronomic lapping lulls into a summer trance. On the Beach charms with the brightness of day, awaits the wave, and lingers with the softness of sun-warmed sand against the skin.

And so came a four-time melodySun Song: the caress of a welcomed ray of sunshine. Cactus Garden: a promenade across an exotic patio. Afternoon Swim: a dive into an ocean of pleasure. California Dream: the enchantment of a sunset.

On the Beach Parfume Louis Vuitton

On the Beach with Aromatic Herbs, Yuzu & Neroli

On the Beach, the latest creation by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud is an olfactory bedazzlement. Here, the Master Perfumer brings together the boundless emotion of a day spent on a sunny beach — the extasy of the sun, the unique surging of the sea and the gentle warmth of sand on skin. The sensations of the shoreline, from the vivacity of inviting waves to the more sensual graze of light.

“It opens with brightness and becomes a caress. Yuzu creates that brilliance. It’s a rare citrus from Japan that I’ve been passionate about for thirty years. It has a complex scent, like a cross between grapefruit, mandarin and orange. It’s a cardinal, lively note that sweeps into an explosion of freshness. Then comes calming neroli, the sun-drenched essence of orange blossom.”

explains Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

“A delicate and joyful punctuation, mixed with a sandy note made of faceted aromatics. Thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, and cloves are discreet but essential to the landscape because they help create a summer ambiance. A veil of cypress signs the scene, like benevolent, woody shade on a cloudless day.”

explains Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

Alex Israel as an artist for Louis Vuitton

Vuitton continues its picturesque dialogue with the artist Alex Israel, who previously dressed the perfumes Sun Song, Cactus Garden, Afternoon Swim and California Dream in his emblematic works. A painter, sculptor, writer and screenwriter, Alex Israel is a multimedia artist anchored in the modernity of the world around him, using every vector available to express his art.

His primary inspiration is his hometown of Los Angeles, where he lives and works, a city of contrasts and eclectic architecture where a blend of fantasies about old-world Europe and Hispanic inflections create an extraordinary panorama. Colourful oceanfront façades dialogue with the sun, changing prisms with the time of day. The artist captured these oscillations of light in a dreamlike series in iridescen colours called “Untitled (Flat)

A “Untitled (Flat)” in red blazes into soft orange across the bottle and packaging for the new opus On the Beach. To remain as close as possible to the illusory changes in colour that the artist loves, an unprecedented process randomly gradients the hues on each bottle, giving it a unique kinetic effect. The new fragrance On the Beach embraces all the phantasmagoria of The City of Angels.

Imagine your own journey, bathed in the aroma of On the Beach

Louis Vuitton embodies a certain art de vivre beyond fragrance and offers it through a universe of wonderful artistic collaborations. In limited edition, the House presents a surfboard designed by Alex Israel —a veritable work of art featuring all of the iridescent colours of his paintings, a nuance that is shared through On the Beach. A travel case and bottle also featuring this subtle, summery palette, prolongs a light-filled adventure in the exceptional trunk-maker’s tradition of true elegance.

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