Lena Kris

COLLECTION OF FRAGMENTS is a collection of small series that emerged from a time of transformation – observing and embracing all forms. GROWTH is a process. These earrings are carefully handcrafted from recycled sterling silver combined with baroque beads. Each piece in its form is unique.


Lena Kris latest collection of pieces is part of an ongoing process that reflects themes I personally deal with in my life. My jewelry is my words, the way I express myself and what keeps me busy. A fusion of life and the love expressed in the process of creation.

My jewelry pieces are made as unique pieces and small series in my studio in Vienna by hand and with much love. They are not preproduced in large quantities, but mainly custom made on request

Lena Grabher

The philosophy of Lena Kris jewelry studio

With her new studio, goldsmith and jewelry designer Lena Grabher has created her own jewelry dream world, where every single product is celebrated. Future-oriented and thinking sustainably, LENA KRIS heralds a new age of craftsmanship in which individual handwork, locality and high-quality resources regain value.

About Lena Kris

LENA KRIS’ unique jewelry pieces skillfully fuse tradition with contemporary design. Deviating from the norm, recycled precious metals merge into flowing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. At the forefront at all times is an appreciation of craftsmanship, locality and sustainability. Lena Grabher passes on her large repertoire of learned and developed techniques in her own LENA KRIS studio with the help of individual workshop offers.

The creations are available in the LENA KRIS studio, Haidgasse 5/Top 7, 1020 Vienna, as well as in the LENA KRIS online store.