LASNIK Eyeworks: Passion, Innovation and Heart & Soul // DAY 22


The history of the Lasnik family is the story of a vision. The vision of a business, based upon international products and the highest standards, complemented by professional advice and excellent service.

In the meantime, Gerald, Martin and Andreas LASNIK prove their vision with their extraordinary eyewear designs, an innovative manufacturing processes and their individual touch, but not only eyewear is part of the company’s portfolio. Here, for example, you will also come across the Eyeshaker, the world’s first complete spectacle cleaning system. At LASNIK, design, craftsmanship, a high-end quality standard and real life combine to create a holistic experience with first-class service. It is no coincidence that the heart of the LASNIK stores are large wooden tables, because this is where everyone should come together and feel like a member of the LASNIK Family.


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It’s a family thing

It is a story that unites many strong minds and ideas. In it we find visionaries and doers, thinkers and players, hearts and brains that shape everything at LASNIK – from conception to selection to creation. Today, LASNIK is made up of personalities and friends from all over the world, who together create stories and carry them forward.

The new eyewear studio in the heart of Graz

Glasses are not just objects of daily use. They are an expression of style and personality. If glasses are more than just a simple object, then the LASNIK shops should also be more than simple salesrooms. That is why a completely new world of experience was created around cutting-edge optical. After the store in Rosental, the LASNIKS are now opening an eyewear studio in the heart of Graz.

Like the entire range of eyewear, the professional area is also of the highest quality. Above the store is a 90sqm studio for optical analysis with the best equipment, which enables a complete screening for eye health. In the future, ophthalmologist appointments and telemedical analyses will also be possible here for all-round service. A studio area is set up for private appointments to provide even more detailed advice on customised manufacturing.

In the future, the development of the brand new eyewear concept will enable individual size adjustment, short production times and exceptional quality, handmade in Austria.

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