Kaufhaus der Berge – the finest natural cosmetics and real mountain legends without equal

Conceived as a loving tribute to nature, mountains, people and the truly good, the Kaufhaus der Berge is now considered an industry trendsetter and sells many of the most outstanding and primarily handmade natural products from the Alpine region as the first or exclusive. The Kaufhaus der Berge is the original store of the brands Alpienne, Chrystal, Gutes aus Tirol, Zirben-Werkstatt, ApisCura … and offers you exquisite, 100% natural skin and body care products, everything around the Swiss stone pine from the Swiss stone pine cushion, to Swiss stone pine room ventilator to the Swiss stone pine bed and selected alpine specialties with rarity value.

They are products made and processed by hand with love and passion by small manufactures in manageable quantities. From traditional herbalists, master carpenters, farmers, pharmacists, cosmetic specialists, beekeepers, passionate distillers and many other professionals, all guided by one big idea, which is to bring you beauty, well-being and joy.

The finest natural cosmetics and real mountain legends without equal

The Kaufhaus der Berge is a project of genuine Älplern, of passionate men and women who simply make good things in their traditional, artisanal businesses based on time-honored recipes that have been passed down through generations. Behind all the products are people who, to a certain extent, have a penchant for nostalgia, but not in the sense of looking back wistfully, but in the sense of looking forward optimistically, which is rare today. They are people with great respect for the knowledge and wealth of experience of their ancestors and equally great curiosity for the new. They are deeply rooted in the land on which they live, but this does not prevent them from carrying their heads above the clouds and giving freedom to big and small ideas. Their products are not about pretty bottles and fancy outer packaging, but rather about inner values.

The active ingredients and basic substances are largely obtained from them and farming families in the neighborhood, taking into account regional and natural aspects, harvested from organic cultivation and extracted largely manually on a purely vegetable basis. Innovatively formulated concentrates and macerates complement and enhance their products. In the development they work together with researchers, in the further processing and finishing they cooperate with certified organic producers, with proven professionals, therapists and small, friendly manufactures. With knowledgeable and skilled people. Their goal is not mass production, but the conscious and careful production of small series, of rarities, which pack the gifts of nature into effective products for you.

In this sense, the Kaufhaus der Berge is first and foremost an enthusiast’s project and an act of conviction: we do not want to offer everything possible and not the generally usual, but rather share our enthusiasm for the special, for the natural and honest – with people who, like us, appreciate a different, conscious view of and for the truly good.

Pure natural talent from the Alps

The products at Kaufhaus der Berge are special. This is due to the fact that all important raw materials are collected with the utmost respect for nature and under the aspects of regionality and sustainability up in the mountains – in their very own habitat and processed in time-intensive procedures. And it also has to do with the fact that all the producers we have selected for the Kaufhaus der Berge know exactly how to best combine tradition and innovation, how to combine know-how, passion and the secrets of survival from one of the most intelligent high-tech laboratories in the world. Thus, every product from the Kaufhaus der Berge is much more than a pure natural product, it is holistically thought and lived in the everlasting dialogue between man and nature, between ancient knowledge and the most modern findings.