Hotel Gundari Folegandros opening in 2024: experience raw luxury and leave it all behind

What defines the complete fusion of nature and human-created spaces? How can the timeless Cycladic tradition, untouched by architectural overdesign practices, be passed down through the ages? And what is the perfect ratio for modern living that aligns with the eternal principles of scale? Gundari not only exemplifies but also embodies the synergy between natural and built environments, all while preserving the core architectural proportions in its units.

Nestled in the heart of captivating Folegandros, perched on the rugged cliffs that gaze out over the boundless Aegean Sea, Gundari is more than just a destination; it’s a harmonious blend of architectural form and pure nature.

Block722 envisioned Gundari as an organic extension of Folegandros’ cliffs and a frame for the priceless artwork that is the uninterrupted sea view. Water features bring the Aegean’s brilliant blue within close reach, and every carefully chosen material serves as part of an orchestra of nature’s inherent rhythm, upon which life at Gundari dances to its own beautiful tune.

The 80-acre hotel complex seamlessly melds with Folegandros, drawing inspiration from the island’s enduring spirit for every architectural element. Stone, the backbone and nucleus of the Cycladic earth, is artfully employed in the construction of linear walls following the natural landscape. Between the robust stone lines and the serene wall surfaces, delicate wooden structures come into play as connectors, breathing life into the transitional spaces that lie in between. 

Each of the 27 suites and villas is artfully crafted by natural materials and adorned with thoughtfully chosen, tranquil furniture pieces, blending effortlessly with the very earth beneath them. The presence of an open-air private shower rekindles memories of forgotten rituals connected with nature, evoking a sense of nostalgia and a return to the simple pleasures of life in harmony with the natural world.

Positioned on the northwest side of the complex, the Bar-Restaurant naturally evolves into a prominent focal point, creating an elaborate and inviting gathering space for all guests. With its strategic location and captivating ambiance, it serves as a hub where visitors can come together to socialize amidst the stunning surroundings.

In the lower zone of the complex, a distinct interaction between the architecture and the natural environment takes shape, providing a nestled haven for the spa and the executive suites of the complex, entirely concealed within the earth to create an intimate and harmonious ambiance. Here, the building seems to yield to the contours of the landscape, allowing the lines of the terrain to dictate its form and create an atmosphere of relaxation, serenity, and privacy. It’s as if the architectural elements blend with the cliffs, dissolving into the edge of the natural surroundings.

Staying at Gundari means becoming an integral chapter in the island’s enduring narrative, where architectural artistry and nature’s wonders coalesce in perfect unison.

Year: 2024

Location: Cyclades, Greece

Type: Hotel

Area: 2000 m²

Status: In progress


Master planning and architecture: Block722

Creative direction: Block722

Interior and styling: Block722

Architectural visualization: Block722

FF&E: Block722

Lighting Design: L+DG lighting architects

Landscape design: Block722

Planting: Outside landscape architecture

Structural &MEP engineering & consultant: Vangelis Georgostathis,

Agapakis Consultants

Project manager: Focal Project Managers