Yellow Gold

The golden yellow rooibos chai tea syrup from Demmers Teehaus evokes pure relaxation.

Cloves, cinnamon bark, turmeric, ginger and cardamom are the five friends of the new Organic Golden Rooibos Chai available in syrup form from Demmers Teehaus: in the shops from Austria to Finland to Japan and in the online shop.
It is not necessary to pre-heat the teapot, and there is no complicated selection of the right filter: This syrup is simple to prepare as soon as you get home from out of the icy cold, and is also suitable for drinking in the evenings when tea should be warming but not agitating.


Because this chai is based on caffeine-free redbush tea instead of black tea, but offers the same spicy taste experience as Demmers Organic Oriental Black Chai, additionally enhanced with turmeric, the so-called “yellow root”. It can be brewed into a golden, creamy chai latte with warm, steamed milk, and promises an undis-
turbed night’s sleep even when enjoyed late in the evening. Connoisseurs recommend a mixture ratio of one part syrup to ten parts hot milk – with a touch of cinnamon on the milk foam crown.

The fine spice mixture of Organic Golden Rooibos Chai not only tastes seductive, but uses millennia-old healing knowledge from Indian Ayurveda and has a warming effect that is in addition to the drinking temperature of the tea. Now you are ready for winter. And if, somehow, there is still some left over in the bottle when the flow ers have long since started to bloom: Organic Golden Rooibos Chai can also be prepared as ice tea.